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08-23-2021 at 02:19 PM
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Super Mario 64 Grandfathered Track

Hi everyone!

I came across a track that says it is grandfathered, but open for submissions.

I remember grandfathered tracks opened for submissions, yet it says grandfathered. I would think submitting is ok, right?

If the track is allowed for submissions, then I have a question about the rules.

The way the rules are worded, it seems like all of the worlds do not have to be done in one sitting.

"Highest tally from all worlds completed; videotape performances must accompany each individual world tally; Player can submit a higher tally at any time with increased performances over previously submitted and authenticated results"

Would it be ok for some worlds to be done in one records, and some in another? Almost as if you're making a submission video for individual worlds.

I'd rather ask you guys, the adjudicators, than waste time and a few submission points.

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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Yeah, the grandfathered bit of the title needs removing. :)

    So one of the ways this would have worked in the referee days:

    - There were hidden fields which only referees and admins had access to. The individual level/world scores would have been stored in the hidden information and so when the player increased any individual score, the tally of all worlds could be recalculated without having to re-watch everything.

    In TGSAP this obviously isn't possible as nothing is hidden and there's no referees! However, I can see that the rules of the track permit evidence being augmented over time and previously submitted videos can be re-used. So long as each submission brings all applicable video evidence (vzaar tags) to the submission thread, all evidence is there.

    I interpret the title to mean "all" for the first sub, so there would need to be one submission with all-new evidence of every world. There's nothing in the rule to suggest this has to be one single video, however. Indeed, over time, the rules support splintered video evidence so that must be the norm from the start.

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  2. starcrytas's Avatar

    Good to know!

    I recorded a few worlds already and slowly working my way through everything else.

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  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I read them as segmented runs all count as one collective run. I think Pokemon Snap also had a similar rule for total points.

  4. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar

    Title adjusted.

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  5. Barthax's Avatar

    When you submit, also include a link back to this discussion. :) You're bound to get some people interpreting the rules differently.

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  6. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Ski or Die on NES has a track that is worded similarly to this one, and I am pretty sure I had "decided" what you did, I could compile my "best runs" and total them, but I never got around to it.

  7. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco

    Ski or Die on NES has a track that is worded similarly to this one, and I am pretty sure I had "decided" what you did, I could compile my "best runs" and total them, but I never got around to it.

    Awesome, I knew others existed but not which ones. The "most popular" ones are no longer on the scoreboard: the Guitar Hero note sequence totals. They became (for referee days) a logistical nightmare: no history of the hidden fields (of the old scoreboard) were retained so if someone made a typo someone's score tally just got changed!

    Ski or Die rules (for reference):

    Practice Mode

    Special Rules: You MUST do this in Practice Mode! You may attempt this record as many times as you like, but you MUST complete the race for your record to count! You may abort runs if you screw up. You MUST Complete the Acro Aerials, Downhill Blitz, Inntertube Thrash, Snowball Blast & Snowboard Half-Pipe events to qualify for this. All 5 totals will be added together to create your 'Highest Total Points.' If you ever update any of the 5 individual records, your 'Highest Point Total' will be updated to reflect that. Please inform the referee how many attempts you made before you got the highest scores recorded for easier viewing / verification.

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