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02-15-2019 at 02:20 PM
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Wall Entry at 02-15-2019 11:09 PM

Certificates are great but I wanted to wear one of my records for Bonk's Adventure.... so I got this here.

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    I bet you also got it quicker than you would have gotten a certificate...

    That's really awesome though!

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    Very nice, did you get the belt at the same place Undisputed Belts?[QUOTE=BotzaBrand;bt37217]

    Sad but true :/

    I’ve had this for a couple years. Having a Sega seal of quality side plate was just too tempting, heh. All about that Yapapi Indian Strap Match, Jack

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    I would return the belt too if anyone screw up the iconic Sega Genesis logo but it's cool they fixed it. I might get another belt once I get over a 1,000 records and yeah a different colour would be awesome.

    Quote Originally Posted by starsoldier1

    UB for sure. Can’t top their price, quality, and overall production time. When mine first arrived the Genesis logo on top of the main plate was botched. I took and pic and informed them and they just redid another plate and sent it out within a week, no charge.

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