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Stephen Daultrey
11-14-2018 at 04:16 AM
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Any Tempest players? PlayStation rule help


I'm looking for anyone familiar with Tempest (more specifically, the PSOne port released on the Atari Anniversary Edition Redux). One of the rules states "Starting Level = Fixed".

The Research/Admin teams have had an enquiry from a user asking how this impacts the game.

From my understanding, players can choose to start the game at higher levels in order to win more points, and they can also start at different bonus levels based on their previous progression in the game.

I would presume (although certainly may be wrong) that Starting Level = Fixed means always players must start the game at Level 1 and play through in a linear order.

Can anyone clarify? Also, is the Starting Level "Fixed" actually a literal option in the game (the other being "Variable") or does this rule need rewording to something clearer (e.g. players must start at Level 1..)?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Hi Stephen,

    I have the game but not much of a Tempest aficionado. Here is the information I can offer and confirm.

    The default game setting are as follows.

    Lives = 3 (Range 2 to 5 increments of 1)

    Points for Bonus = 20,000 (Range 0 - 70,000 increments of 10,000)

    Difficulty = Medium (Easy and Hard other options)

    Starting Levels = Fixed (Variable is the other option)

    Game Version = Original (Tubes other option)

    Cheat Mode = Off

    Language = English (Not Relevant)

    Reset High Scores = No (Not Relevant)

    Show Test Mode = No (Not Relevant)

    I played a couple of games with both fixed and variable as starting levels. Both options allow you to select different starting levels 1-11. I can't see any difference between the two.

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  2. Stephen Daultrey's Avatar

    Thanks @MyOwnWorstEnemy, appreciate it. Interesting, that's probably what the user was getting at. There's an option for Fixed and Variable for starting levels, yet selecting either doesn't seem to have any noticeable difference on gameplay.

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  3. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    That's correct. Both settings allow you to select a starting level 1-11 (odd numbers only). If the player chooses to start at an advanced level, they receive a bonus points upon completing the advanced levels. I checked to make sure the bonus points are the same for both the 'fixed' and 'variable' starting level option. They're the same.

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