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Stephen Daultrey
01-22-2019 at 07:30 AM
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Challenge of Nexar (Atari 2600) - should a score be moved?

Hi everyone (especially Atari 2600 players)

I have a point of discussion to throw out to the community regarding Challenge of Nexar, in particular @Gsampson35 ’s current high score of 2,021,150 for the track “Game 1 – Difficulty B”

This game actually uses both the Left and Right Difficulty Switches.

If the Right Difficulty switch is set to B, the game is over if the timer runs out.

If the Right Difficulty switch is set to A, players only lose a shield if the timer runs out.

Massive difference to how long a game can last.

Glen’s current high score was achieved on setting B/A. Glen very transparently said in his video submission that he used this setting to prove that it’s only possible to achieve maximum scores of around 350,000 points on B/B.

It was discussed in his submission thread that Glen’s score might be moved to a new track (not yet created) for the setting B/A. It would seem likely that the other players on the current track, who recorded their scores in 2001/2, used setting B/B. The next highest score was 269,800 points.

In the end, Glen’s score was eventually accepted for this track.

Can I get your thoughts please? Should the existing track be renamed “Game 1 - Difficulty BB” and Glen’s score moved to a new track for “Game 1 - Difficulty BA”?

Here is the text from the manual:


Both right and left difficulty switches affect game play.


A - 5 Shields A - Lose Shield if Time Runs Out.

B - 3 Shields B - Lose Game if Time Runs Out.



@Ben Way @Dave Hawksett

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    so we're not talking about clarifying pre-exsting rules but rather changing rules? if you change the rules how will know which old scores followed which rules?

    as for moving a score wouldnt that make more sense to handle under a dispute than a wall post?

  2. datagod's Avatar

    Please open a dispute on the score in question. We can discuss the matter in an official thread, assuming I don't get banned yet again with no warning.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    and to further elaborate my issue with splitting, i take issue with a huge logical flaw you made, that sadly many people make. you say it seems likely others used the harder mode simply because of their lower score. this isnt even close to true. some people get an insanely high score on hard setting and some get an insanley low score on easy settings. you cant look at score to determine settings. This is just a variation of the mindset that says "he's so good he doesnt need to cheat". basing validity of score on someone's skill, or settings based on score, or any other case where you think one things must be true because of a completley different thing is severely flawed.

    why not look at every marathon track and just transfer all bad scores to the "1 life only track" since those low scores must've followed the one life rule right? lets transfer all low scores on the donkey kong "hammer allowed" to the "no hammer allowed" because simply being low implies they didnt use the hammer right?

    gotta stop rewriting history based on guesses.

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  4. Dave Hawksett's Avatar

    In order to gain answers we sometimes need to ask questions. Nobody is rewriting anything based on guesses.

  5. datagod's Avatar

    Rewriting history based on bad info is just as bad as guesses. Actually, rewriting history is bad to begin with.

    Like I suggested earlier, open a dispute where we can all discuss the matter in great detail.

  6. Stephen Daultrey's Avatar

    Disputes need to be opened by the community.

  7. Gsampson35's Avatar

    Someone open a dispute for this then. I don't have the credibility to do it. I recently beat Mark Feldt's score so I just want to get a video uploaded with a run with the correct settings. Video was only uploaded to settle a dispute on another score.

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