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01-28-2018 at 02:44 PM
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Who am I

I don't intend on staying here long, but I might as well introduce myself.

There have been many aliases throughout my years on the internet, but a song from Jazz Jackrabbit 2 seems to have stuck now. I've found this place thanks to an arcade community I'm a part of. Needless to say, I was instantly made aware of its shady past. It's such a disappointment to see someone treated so professionally regarding Atari games become questioned. I had an Atari retro phase when I was a child, so this fiasco does have some relevance to me. You can thank that 2000 Pong release to motivate 7-year-old me to find out what Pong really was.

As for my talents, I consider myself a knowledgeable rather than an expert. When invested in a game I can spend tens of hours a week simply playing it to learn how the game works (usually in a controlled environment). I can discover the inner workings that may have never been fully realized by those playing. With my background in programming I can explain what's going on in the game's code for other people to realize just from visual observation. To put it short, what people may find and utilize is what I seek to understand and explain. Given the age of this community, its current state, and the dedication of its current people, I do not feel my gift would prove useful here.

That being said, I am a fond competitive enthusiast. It's just not in the realm of scores and times though. I prefer playing head-to-head. You won't see me win tournaments, but I do believe in sharing my knowledge so others can improve.
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  1. Jace Hall's Avatar
    Your contributions and thoughts are certainly welcome and useful here!

    Welcome to Twin Galaxies!
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    Its a rough time for TG. But if the problem comes from admitting to problems rather than covering them up like the old days thats need to be acknowledged. The past few months i've been on the edge myself of going back and forth, but at the same time not burning bridges since I do have faith in the future under Jace.

    If you dont intend on staying here long, I would strongly suggest at some point in the future dropping back in and see if things have improved to the point that you can respect.
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