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01-13-2021 at 04:46 PM
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Apollo Legend is gone... for good. (Warning: Suicide)

This is not an easy subject to talk about. While my interest in him faded over recent months, I'm never one to wish ill towards someone I hardly knew. Settling the lawsuit, quitting YouTube... those should all be enough for those supporting BM. This now... I sure as hell hope nobody has to try not to smile or laugh from what happened on New Year's.

I seriously did not expect to see what I saw. Two weeks ago, he posted a video that was pretty much his suicide note. In the original description, he mentions that videos by EZscape and DarkViperAU were what caused him to finally break. I'll go over this in a moment. It's interesting how he doesn't blame Mitchell, even though one could argue he also played a part in his downfall like some of his vocal fans sincerely believe.

I decided to randomly Google his name after seeing yet another BM supporter bring him up as if he were THE anti-Mitchell prophet. I mean, it bugs me. Even to this day, the pro-Mitchell camp thinks Apollo Legend is the sole source of information being spread in a manner not supportive of him. Both @karljobst and @ersatz_cats do amazing work in covering this fiasco and they're certainly not in it for the drama.
I admit I fell for Apollo's bait, but that was because I saw EZScape's video on Rogers first and someone had more information. The way he presented himself, how he brought up new information, it was hard to tell if he was being biased or left information out. Someone in the server I saw the video from brought up that Apollo had a bad rep. Anyone who knew about Apollo before getting involved in TG's past, especially on Twitter, already knew what he was about. It was apparent that his new audience on YouTube didn't realize his true colors until he started making videos about his disdain for GDQ. That was when his fanbase started turning against him. Those that remained witnessed an amazing act of kindness when he used his platform to help someone grow who was literally cheated out of attending GDQ. Apollo did confront the cheater (who happened to be part of GDQ's staff) and showed what he needed to, but he didn't want anyone else to get involved other than helping out the victim. Despite constantly involving himself in drama, it showed that he was capable of turning negative energy into something positive. That didn't last long unfortunately as he went after someone he had prior tension with and that backfired.
EZScape made a video a month ago chronicling Ben's downfall that was removed after he passed. It really gave me a new perspective on him. I don't think Apollo is awful, but he wasn't worth my time anymore. Around that time I did my own investigation into some of Apollo's claims and disproved one that people still bring up (thank you Karl for mentioning it in a live stream) and cleared up one possibility nobody bothered to look into. In fact, if Neo-Team Billy actually bothered to do their own homework for once instead of copying from others, I'm sure someone would have found much stronger evidence against MAME instead of deliberately lying out their ass much like everything else presented.

One news source claims Mitchell has allegedly commented on the suicide over on Twitter, but it would appear he hasn't. I couldn't find a tweet on it like what has been spreading and mistakenly assumed someone else saw it as I don't use the platform. Twitter does not let you view replies on someone's account without signing up, and I refuse to use Twitter for my own reasons. Anyway, there were text messages submitted as evidence in the ongoing lawsuit which showed zero empathy towards Apollo just over rumors of his death, so it's not unfeasible he'd defend the people who spoke out against him even though EZScape does support Karl Jobst, who is being treated as a second Apollo. I wouldn't find such a claim to be wrong anyway. The last video Apollo made before quitting YT was him calling out DarkViperAU, a fellow member of the speedrunning community with who he had fought before. Trust me when I say it was awful, and EZScape elaborates just how poorly of a job he did in his aforementioned video. I really feel like the videos he wants to blame are because he doesn't want to hear being told what's wrong with him. I'm sure it's quite unpleasant to have videos about their flaws out there for millions to watch, but it's not wrong if it's the truth and you deserve to be called out.
When Apollo uploaded the suicide video, EZScape tweeted in concern for his safety while DarkViper uploaded a video trying to clear up his side of the story again. As someone else put it, he was trying to take others down with him. It's saddening honestly. I'm sure EZScape would have loved to help out seeing that he never really harbored a grudge against him.

Let's be frank here: Apollo had skeletons in his closet. He's had some mental issues and a bad reputation in some parts long before his downfall on YouTube. The fact he harassed Mitchell and associates twice really doesn't bode well either. While I don't think Mitchell is as big of a reason for Apollo's downfall as his supporters like to think, the suit's settlement did cost him a large part of the following he had developed by covering him. Poor judgment deserves fitting consequences, but never anything cruel.

As someone who suffers from mental conditions myself, I want his departure to serve as a reminder of the importance of mental health. It's easy to get stuck in a rut once you feel like your life is falling apart. If you find yourself in a bad state, then please, reach out and get help. They're not gonna lock you up. You just need a professional that will listen and tell you what you need to hear. In the current state of the world, this is more important than you think.

May you rest in peace, Ben Smith.

(Note: Since I'm late on this matter, I have to resort to reuploads for some videos.)

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    Seriously? My links were removed? One second.

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    I’ve seen sometimes links disappear and return so I’m not sure if it’s a weird bug or censoring

  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    Oh and the article is lying about Mitchell. You’ll notice their other claims have proof but the mitchel claim is unsourced and baseless. Yes a few years ago billy made a joke about Apollo dying that’s true but the comment about billy defending others bashing Apollo is just plain made up and one article already removed the false claim and apologizes

    I’m all for bashing people and “character assassination “ but only if it’s true

    Updated 01-13-2021 at 06:16 PM by Snowflake
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    It wasn't censorship. It was me posting a bunch of YouTube videos and TG loves to convert those into embedded videos. Trying to force that to not happen altered the links to not work, so I decided to remove them.

    It was a good call I said allegedly. I'll fix that.
    Also, I don't think the two he called out were really bashing Apollo, at least not unfoundedly. The video he questions did a pretty good job explaining everything for both people.

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