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09-01-2017 at 07:10 AM
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Android vs iOS vs Mobile as a Platform

This post is specifically about the fact that I believe that Android and iOS should be combined into a single mobile platform.

As evidenced in the Candy Crush dispute it's just a fact these days that mobile (And really any modern game) games are going to be updated constantly. These updates can add new features or through changing code can completely invalidate old scores either by making them obsolete or making them impossible to beat.

My point is there are time periods were the Android version might be a week or even a month behind the iOS version but this is insignificant to the overall scheme of things. But overall 90% of these games are exactly the same and having two platforms is just splitting the competition.

I'd prefer to see all these scores merged and then if people feel it needed we can add a platform field.

If a future update invalids previous scores people can create new tracks stating, "Version 12.11.v.32453 or above" as an example.

Oh and Flashbacks, Orange and Raspberry should be eliminated and just Atari, Coleco, etc. Emulation platforms should be created.
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  1. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    I have made a lot of iOS submissions and I'd LOVE to be able to compete with the Android scores. In theory I'm 100% supportive of the notion to combine them.

    As for the Flashbacks versus the Emulation platforms - I think they should stay. Emulation already exists on a lot of these console platforms and specifically refers to using a computer to emulate the consoles. As an example - for people who want to use Stella on their computer to emulate Atari, they can find tracks listed under the actual Atari platform that have different prefixes. NTSC and PAL are for consoles and EMU is for emulator, and all those tracks reside on the Atari console platform.
  2. spectre's Avatar
    I agree that Android and iOS tracks should be combined. There is literally no difference between the two.
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