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01-27-2018 at 05:07 PM
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Re-vote If Cred Has Increased Does Anything?

I was wondering if submissions taking so long to clear if I should unvote and then re-vote now that my cred has raised between when I first voted and now. Does the system recalculate my cred value mid-vote or not? @TWIN GALAXIES @admin staff
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  1. CWK's Avatar
    Pretty sure I was told yes it does. Cancel then re-vote. Not sure how much of a difference it will really make though. Some
  2. TWIN GALAXIES's Avatar
    If you remove your vote and re-vote, the new vote amount will be updated to reflect the amount of credibility you currently have.
  3. cuda's Avatar
    And if you're wrong its that cred tgst will be used to find out how much you lose.
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