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01-28-2018 at 08:00 AM
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Submission Algorithm Take Into Account Changes In Traffic?

Last year I did 48 submissions with 100% success that took on average 6 days to clear. The longest a submission ever took me was 18 days.

This year I am sitting on 17 submissions with not a single going through yet. As of today I have 3 that are at 18 days and 15 are over my average.

I was hoping @TWIN GALAXIES @admin staff could talk about what is going on behind the scenes and what they are doing to work on this. Is TG working to alter things to keep up with trends in participation or is the Q just going to continue to grow out of control?
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  1. Max's Avatar
    Roughly a year ago, just prior to the first batch of of H1Z1 submissions, most scoreboard submissions were moving in quite readily.

    Most if not all Trackmania Turbo submissions (a very fast and easy game to adjudicate) would rapidly pass the adjudication process in three to four days tops. This happened in the 60-90 view range.

    Today, these same submissions, despite having significantly more views take three plus weeks to process through despite being issue free and identical submissions to those submissions that hit the database in three days a year ago. This, along with swaggers comments, strongly suggests that TG can adjust the length of stay a submission takes to clear adjudication in some manner.

    While I'm personally not in the least bit concerned about if or when Trackmania submissions will go through in three weeks or three days, I think it's important to note that the escalating queue size isn't entirely a matter of the community not voting.

    The two largest factors of the escalating queue size are:

    1. TG's dial
    2. Problem submissions are never removed

    TG controls these two factors, not us.
  2. spectre's Avatar
    Yeah, I also noticed that submissions take WAY longer to go through adjudication now. I don't know what changed but I have a feeling that TG wants to slow down the accumilation of submission points as those can be used in the future for physical goods.
  3. Barthax's Avatar
    One possibility not mentioned above lies in the distribution of Credibility (note: TG have previously confirmed that there is no static CR requirement and that it evolves & adjusts per submission). The total CR for the community steadily rises over time. Conversely, multiple high-CR adjudicators have scaled back their time (me included, for example) leading to less active CR-weight per submission - submissions require many more CR-weightless (terrible wording!) adjudicators to reach critical mass.
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  4. Max's Avatar
    Thanks for the post Pete. If this is true to a degree (and it's highly likely given that admin staff gave you a "like" for your post!), I wonder if TG is also adjusting for inactivity or TG created accounts?

    As an example, the "top ten" adjudicators have a combined CR of roughly 300K. I note that no less than 140K of that 300K is currently inactive. One clearly stopped adjudicating, one left TG, one is banned and one appears to be inactive for some time now.

    I also note admin staff has a cred of 10,500, "Gamer" has 10K, Hawksett has 8000, Atreides (banned) is at 10K.

    I would hope at minimum TG does not include TG created accounts and banned accounts from the weighting given that adjudication from these accounts isn't possible. I would also hope they would factor in a consideration for inactive accounts.
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