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03-19-2018 at 10:55 AM
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Goals for the week #1

I find if I leave evidence laying around of having goals then I tend to put more effort into accomplishing them.

1) Hill Climb Racing - I've been working lately to get first in any tracks I've fallen out of first in, almost exclusively thanks to @Barthax . I've finished 4 this last week leaving me 5 more to go. I'd like to get 2 of them done this week.

2) California Games - BMX - Maxout. Then next time I try this will be my 4th attempt. It just seems like a movement that works for 5 tricks in a row suddenly won't produce a single trick. I've gotten 98,500 and then progressively worse each time after. It's only a half hour of play but it's just so tedious and boring that it takes me days to want to try again. I need to get this track done so I can move on to a new game.

3) Not world record related but my friend and I plan to do a full run through of A Way Out this weekend. I'm not thinking it's going to be too long of a game but hopefully fun.
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