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04-02-2018 at 12:20 PM
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Iconic Arcade Goals

I am looking for feedback on creating a list of iconic arcade goals to shoot for. The plan would be to test and practice on MAME and then find a real arcade machine to actually do the achievement on.

#1 Perfect Pac-Man
#2 Kill Screen Donkey Kong
#3 ????

Any ideas are welcome. Things like get to Stage X in Game Y type of stuff. Things you think of as accomplishments you are proud of.
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  1. GibGirl's Avatar
    Would rolling the score on any machines stand out as "iconic"? For example, the way Centipede goes a little buggy due to the way it checks for extra lives...

    (I know I really felt good when I rolled Galaga back in college...)
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  2. Fly's Avatar
    90k on Track and Field is a good goal.

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  3. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    Personally I think 100k on Galaxian is next level. Not necessarily iconic but anyone in the hobby knows it’s a major feat. Also there are kill screens on DK Jr and DK3 too (repetitive blue screen on DK3 - George Riley can tell you about that one)
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  4. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    Good luck Swag
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  5. spectre's Avatar
    Galaga, Roll over the score (1 million)
  6. John73's Avatar
    Yeah I'd agree with the score roll thing. The feeling of working for it, and doing it for the first time is great. It's also nerve racking when you get close so many times, and then die.

    The score roll over's I've done from memory, in order of the one's I'm most proud of:

    1. Frogger
    2. Gyruss
    3. Space Invaders
    4. Bump 'n' Jump

    Incidentally, if you are chasing ESI - then rolling most games will give you a really big ESI boost too.

    Can't remember where scramble rolls over, if it's 100k then I've done it.

    Not a roll over, but 1 million on Q*Bert is on my current list. A 1 Million Galaga would be great, but I'm just so awful at the game.
  7. lexmark's Avatar
    Is a "iconic arcade goal" the same as a "arcade gaming HOLY grail" ?
    @RTM made a post/list years ago. I can't find it though.


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