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04-06-2018 at 04:49 AM
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Dispute Curator Idea

@Jace Hall @Dave Hawksett This is just a thought I had regarding Disputes. It would be to appoint a Dispute Curator (someone unbiased from TG) whose job it would be to gather and catalog evidence to clean up long dispute threads. So when a new Dispute is made, the second reply would automatically be made in control of TG.

Not that I am seeing any more 277 page (and growing) disputes coming up any time soon (knock on wood) but anyone trying to look through the Billy dispute is going to be lost. No real evidence is even submitted for pages and then to go through 277 pages of mostly just chit chat to find the interesting girder videos and the like is insane.

So the thought being that any Dispute that gets over X pages TG would curate a post that pointed to all major relevant discussion points, pics, videos, etc within that discussion.
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