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05-13-2018 at 08:42 PM
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Just a heads up, I'm taking indefinite hiatus from running MAME analyses.
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  1. Barra's Avatar
    Sorry to hear Terence

    Hope you take the time to submit some scores :)
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  2. Snowflake's Avatar
    i hope its just the analysis and not TG in general. Hate to see you go.
  3. OOO's Avatar
    Time to game and play even more Crush Roller ... LOL

    Or Qix even ...
  4. Barthax's Avatar
    Not a surprise & probably long overdue. ;)
  5. swaggers's Avatar
    Honestly it's a lot of work to put on the user's shoulders to do all this analysis. It's expected by the community and I really think this should fall on someone at TG to do. @Dave Hawksett
  6. JasonV91's Avatar
    It's well-deserved - thanks for all the time you've put in, and enjoy the break (retirement?) :)

    I'll continue to do as many as I can until I'm ready to join you!
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  7. Dave Hawksett's Avatar
    Thanks for all your contributions @terencew it is very much appreciated. @JasonV91 thanks also for your ongoing analyses.
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  8. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    @terencew as always thank you a million times for your contributions thus far. They have been very meaningful to the community.
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  9. JJT_Defender's Avatar
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  10. JJT_Defender's Avatar
    Enjoy your Hiatus a Much Needed Rest Thank You
  11. HAN's Avatar
    Thank you for all you have done, it it much appreciated!
  12. Conjured Entertainment's Avatar
    Enjoy the break!
    Thanks for all of your help Terence!
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