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08-19-2018 at 04:25 PM
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Track Discussion threads have gone missing...?

Not sure how widespread this is, but of the handful of comments I know should be there, all are missing. I should clarify, the entries are there to show that comments were made, but the text is not.

e.g. here's the Crazy Kong track (https://www.twingalaxies.com/game/crazy-kong-set-1/mame/points#discussion)

I spent ages adding MAME ROMset rename information to discussion threads, so I sincerely hope they're just hiding temporarily,

Err... aimless tagging, sorry! @admin staff @Ben Way @Ninglendo @Dave Hawksett

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  1. Dave Hawksett's Avatar

    I can assure you they are hiding. @admin staff please investigate.

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  2. JasonV91's Avatar

    Yes, I noticed this yesterday when there was discussion on a submission thread about how comments to supplement rule descriptions should have been added to tracks...I knew you had spent loads of time updating MAME tracks with WolfMAME version information, along with special notes about DIP switch changes. When I saw they were gone, I just shook my head and threw my hands up...it's a tough battle to keep fighting.

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  3. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi all

    The comments are still there . Due to the editor change the font is not visible . We will fix this and update .


    Admin Staff

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  4. terencew's Avatar

    Ah ha... is that possibly the same reason why, when I type an "@" to tag people, the dropdown box of names is invisible?

    Err... I can see names now... but it seems only when I'm editing a post. Like this...

    But in a new post, it looks like this...

    ... actually, I give up. Now it works in a new post again... and now not again.

    And my latest submission has been somewhat butchered by the new form. I'm going to bed.

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  5. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi @terencew

    The tagging issue and the comments display issue is resolved

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