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09-05-2018 at 06:31 PM
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Lil' help... I'm in the middle of a game, and...

… well, it seems to have wigged out! And I'm actually still recording it now!!!

VICE emulator for C64, playing Gauntlet (what else?!)

After getting stuck on a level where I couldn't control the transporters, the level "stalled" (walls turn to exits), then it started the tape loading thingy...

… and it's not proceeding any further.

And this has happened before under almost the same circumstances... different level, but also uncooperative transporters, level stalled, game broke .

Any suggestions?!

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    That's about it. I've never seen it come back when that happens.

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  2. terencew's Avatar


    No 1M rollover today then... sigh!

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