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09-10-2018 at 07:04 PM
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Any sleight of hand to help manage the submission queue...?


@admin staff

@Jace Hall

It was mentioned, and breifly tested recently, that we'd soon have the ability to sort the queue based on vote cast... or did I dream it?

Personally, I'd prefer a filter rather than a sort, but baby steps!

Anyhoo, in the meantime and until/unless similar functionality becomes available, is there a sneaky parameter we could manually pass to the URL to select based on vote (yes / no / null), similar to say "?platformid=46" or "?userid=27974"?

In an attempt to help move the 1400+ submissions through the queue, anything of the like would be a great help!

  1. GibGirl's Avatar

    A slightly alternative suggestion I'd offer up is to start toward the end of the list, and when possible, add a meaningful comment. Even if it's just an observation to try and start a conversation. (aka more than just "accepted" or "good run".)

    I suggest this because I've noticed a significant percentage of the time, when I adjudicate like that, the submission goes through fairly quickly thereafter. I assume it's because they're already close, and the additional attention brought on by them being moved to the front of the list again is enough to push them over.

    Doesn't do any good if you've already reviewed them though,

  2. Dave Hawksett's Avatar

    Perhaps not exactly sorting by votes cast, but abilities for more sorting and filtering that would make everyone happy (if such a thing is possible) are currently being discussed internally. No specific promises yet!

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