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10-30-2018 at 09:37 PM
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The ignore list works!!! (edit: but apparently not quite how I need... sigh!)

You all know what I'm talking about...

  1. EVN's Avatar

    Does it actually hide the posts of people you ignore yet or still show you the headline?

  2. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    I still get "This comment is hidden because XYZ is on your ignore list" so I still see each line item but it doesn't display the content.

    Terence - are you having a different experience?

  3. terencew's Avatar

    Grr... premature excitement. Actually it's worse than before for my purpose.

    When I have more notifications than usual, it helps to know that, e.g. 48 notifications means 3 full pages plus the first three on the 4th page before I get to where I last left off.
    With the "ignore" in effect, I have to manually count them.

    I'd just prefer not to see any evidence of them at all - they are singularly unhelpful. The comments themselves, the notifications, and now the notifications that the comments have been ignored.

    Ignore list has now been cleared. Hmph!

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  4. HAN's Avatar

    Still doesn't work for me, I've set someone to ignore and their wall posts still show up in my feed when set to "everyone".

    I'd really like it @TWIN GALAXIES if the ignored person(s) would not show up so I can still see new/unfamiliar members wall posts. If I set the wall to "everyone", can that please exclude those that have been blocked? Thanks in advance! :)

  5. EVN's Avatar

    What HAN said, can we remove the posts from ignored users completely? If I ignore someone it's because I don't want to see their wall posts.

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  6. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    I personally ignore people that trigger me, and seeing the post even when it's censored still triggers me. In the name of rising above the drama, I also humbly request that ignored users do not appear at all.

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