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11-05-2018 at 08:53 PM
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I should probably do something about this... like now!

I've been away from my laptop for a few days, and the side effect of heavy subscribing (and some adjudicating) has become apparent...

... part of me wants to wait until it hits 1000, but the more persuasive part of me is beginning to panic!

So that's 57 pages of notifications to plough through. Though I suspect I can ignore the majority of them... ahem!

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  1. nads's Avatar

    Leave it! Let's find out it the score Rolls or does it MAX at 999 LOL

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  2. terencew's Avatar

    Huh... caught up in about 90 minutes! That wasn't so traumatic, perhaps I should have waited...

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  3. Siliconian's Avatar

    In a month ago my notications rolls over +1000, when I clicked "my profile" -> activity, all is gone! :D

  4. xcess dead rew's Avatar

    Does someone need to make a track for "most notifications"? I feel like this is becoming a thing.

  5. Hermarai000's Avatar

    I'm lucky to get one every few hours.

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