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11-18-2019 at 07:37 PM
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Raiden players...

This place is really bringing me down lately. Secondary issues, site bugs, egos... thought I'd try something fun. You know... just get back to playing games, so...

The Raiden Double-Up challenge! (I suspect this isn't an original idea, but anyhoo...)

MAME platform.

A single player controls both 1P & 2P sides simultaneously by editing the key-mapping for movement & shots. Mapping the same key for both 1P & 2P bombs is optional, advise you keep them separate!

You don't have to, but the fun happens when you line the ships up, and bullets spray everywhere!

Maximum difficulty... I think the label is "Very Hard".

One death limit! The run ends as soon as you lose ANY life on either side - the submitted score gets calculated at the precise moment of impact, but I can't decide if it should be based on...
- the sum of both 1P & 2P scores (as you'd expect)
- the higher of the individual scores (oh ho!)
- the lower of the individual scores (OH HO HO HO!!!! Devilish laugh...)
... but some frame advancing may be necessary here to figure out the final score. If any points are gained by crashing into a ship instead of a bullet, they count too.

I expect the top players should breeze through this, but the lateral screen movement drags a bit in two player mode, so maybe not completely familiar?

Another thought is that it should use the 'raiden'/'set 1' ROMset, which may help keep the DIP settings/key mappings clear of the current TG tracks which use all 'Raiden (set 3)' (currently 'raidenb') - avoiding confusion.


  1. John73's Avatar

    Bloody hell... I can't play this one player let alone two at once.

    I've used 2 x 60-1 machines to play simultaneous games of pac-man though - that's kinda fun :)

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  2. Pearl2hu's Avatar

    I'm 99.99% sure a 1loop clear has been done with autofire (chinese replay, cant find it now), I saw a 2-4 gameover but that started with 2 extra lives

    Sounds like a fun challenge tho, I know in japan double play is actually kinda popular so its not a super foreign concept

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  3. Ragequit's Avatar

    I've done this with beat em ups, control all 4 ninja turtles at once YEAHH lol

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