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11-03-2019 at 09:21 PM
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Classic Gaming Expo (CGE) UK 2005 footage

Thanks to the efforts of Simon Roberts and Robert Hazelby, additional video footage from the CGE UK 2005 in Croydon UK is available on YouTube. Simon and Robert compiled this footage onto a commemorative DVD, but this footage wasn't widely available as it came together before the advent of video sharing platforms. This footage is from the master source and is unedited, and provides a great opportunity to witness TG history (click images to start video)

CGE UK 2005 Part 1

CGE UK 2005 Part 2

CGE UK 2005 Wing Galaxies Q&A Panel

For more discussion on the footage, please check out the post-dispute thread.

  1. timmell's Avatar

    Look Don Hayes got his certificate!!!!

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  2. The Evener's Avatar

    That right! He received the certificate for CGE-UK Championship - First Place Champion. Was there some controversy or doubt about his receipt of the certificate? Or was that certificate the product of your labours?

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