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02-09-2020 at 08:48 PM
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Spread The Word! $75 Still Up For Grabs On River Raid - Fastest Completion

Fittingly, Garrett Holland's epic River Raid run was the inaugural submission for the "Fastest Completion" River Raid track:

Although Garrett did earn a time of 3 hours 15 minutes that qualified him for the original $75 Time Challenge Bounty, in the spirit of promoting more competition on this iconic Atari 2600 title he decided to leave the bounty in play with a revised goal - the player who has the fastest completion time on this track by 31 July 2020 at 11:59PM will receive the $75 bounty. Thanks Garrett!

See the forum post for rules for this bounty:

Fastest Completion tracks for Stella and the Atari Flashback will be created upon an expression of interest of a gamer to submit under these platforms.

So spread the word, good luck, and game on!

  1. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    To those who are serious and interested in taking the challenge, PM me, and I'll gladly give you some strategy tips, including the strategy I switched to that enabled me to go from a PB of 250K to 1M in just two attempts.

  2. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    I'll add something here ... to the first three people who commit to making the attempt and show that commitment by submitting *any* Atari 2600 River Raid run on any Atari 2600 RR track, and then PM me for the strategy details, I'll ship to you an original Atari 2600 River Raid cartridge and cover the first $4 for shipping (this will likely mean that if you're in the US, the entire cost of shipping via USPS Media Mail would be covered). You can even choose how you want it shipped to you ... I got the first $4.

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