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08-19-2020 at 02:12 PM
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From WIRED: "Retro Gaming's Misogyny is Brought to Light After a Violent Tragedy"

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    Just finished reading this. I like to think we're not sexist, or at least not overtly to the point that it has an effect on women coming here, but i cant deny the disproportionate male to female ratio. I just really hope thats just the nature of the games appealing disproporitionatley to men. Good to keep an eye on

    i noticed it started with pigs in the castle. i've spent the last week looking up alot of rudy related stuff. It does appear the accusation that the pigs represented women is true. there are 100 pigs and i doubt its represents 100 specific women, but still. i'll reiterate my statement earlier on the matter. the track only had 3 founders, rudy (now banned and forever gone), bensweeney (account deactivated, voluntary exile left in good standing), and myself. The track has zero submissions. as the only remaining founder I would have ZERO objection to TG removing the track.

  2. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    I just made this graphic of what my idea is of the gaming population based on my experience, data from this article and information from Dr. Jordan Peterson, who basically explains that in most tasks, hobbies, etc, the population is pretty much evenly spread in the middle among the sexes and the differences only get stronger toward the extremes, and the extremes are often what end up defining certain groups.

    So it's no surprise to me that most of the people we enconuter in competitive gaming are men, we are not talking about casual gamers here, since the casual gamer usually never even searches for sites to submit their scores, all we encounter is the extremes, the people that is actively competing and seeking to set new records.

    In the profesional scene of League of Legends there isn't a single woman playing, and with this game being the extreme among the extremes it is just logical to me that the few crazy people that dedicate their entire life to this game are 100% men. It's not the same at the non-pro level, I encounter women on LoL on a daily basis.

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  3. Streetwize's Avatar

    I knew he was wild, but...

    I didn't want to think he was THIS mentally unstable. He thought he was justified to be an ******* since he's a world champion, and while people should respect talent even if the person isn't respectable that's no excuse to be rude in-general when most people knew nothing, much less really cared, about his accomplishments. Did he seriously expect to not make enemies when he never showed a single shred of decency around others? I'm repulsed to see his true nature. Someone obstinate, who finds any excuse to harass people, and tried to put himself on the same pedestal as the main big boys in the club who otherwise didn't care about him. He was selfish, shallow, and ultimately unaware of the greater world around him. Nobody claims entitlement; entitlement will only come to you. As such, your talent should speak for itself.

    With that said, nobody is useless though sometimes people's actions are more harmful than they are helpful. He provided a reason for some people to compete in the 100+ games he scored records in. There was talent, but his thought process was often less than sound. On one hand, I'm glad he's gone. His departure hopefully will allow some of his victims to find a form of closure and have a little more security in moving on with their lives. On the other hand... I'm exasperated. What he did was disgraceful. A pathetic human being to the very end, killing someone that didn't deserve to die and taking himself in the process. Justice will never be served for her family, and for the victims that he ruined throughout his years of rampage, they will never have the opportunity for a positive resolution. This is NOT the peace anyone deserves. He was not a celebrity like he purported himself to be, nor should we treat him like such in memoriam. He was far from a savior of the gaming community. Rudy was a coward, a blockade against the development of these communities. While we won't forget him, I doubt his victims will easily forgive him despite finally being able to move on.

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  4. datagod's Avatar

    The article is garbage.

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  5. francoisadt's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by datagod

    The article is garbage.

    I do not agree, We cannot see 360 shed some light from a gamer perspective. What her view is. Which is valid.

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  6. datagod's Avatar

    Content removed by Datagod. Nothing good comes from discussing this.

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  7. Foot0fGod's Avatar

    I'm not gonna get *way* into this because it's going to be fruitless and my God. Are we really gonna do all this? Really? There seems to be a predictable skew of worldviews I'm familiar with in the gaming world, to different degrees. I'm just going to be a voice against the echo chamber, and I'd gladly discuss it elsewhere but, again, not like this. There is a straight throughline from "Gamergate" nonsense to now and pretty much most people seem to be on the wrong side of it and it's pretty sad. And that unfortunately intersects directly for the weird love for people like Peterson, Scott Adams, and obvious politicians I won't name for reasons of not wanting to do that whole thing. Like I said, if you're aligned against it already, right here, right now, I'm not getting deep into it, but it's a part of my point of view so it must be mentioned.

    I only know Rudy from Youtube, here, his website. Rudy was obviously a hateful, dangerous person that regularly threatened violence and malicious intent and had particular hate for women and minorities that likely directly contributed, it is very sad how it ended up and there's no reason to not have sympathy but also accept it for exactly what it is: a not unforseeable tragedy steeped in him, you know, being exactly the kind of person he presented himself as. Still sad, sad to see someone end up that way, really.

    @Datagod, seeing the lines "they make claims impossible to refute or prove (mind reading)" inches apart on the screen from "Rudy had severe untreated mental problems, or so it would appear" is just one of those things that blows my mind. I'd say "this is peak Loserthink"TM, but it seems too crass and despite our differences, I don't hate you, AND I don't want to pretend anything Adams has ever thought about anything except the droll of business/office life trappings deserves even the slightest bit of humoring as valid, because it is not.

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  8. OriginalPSP's Avatar

    The reporter came to me, asked me questions and I answered them. I did not seek any of the media that's reached out and have declined to speak to most of them. You are engaging in the same "impossible to refute or prove" type of claims you pretend to be calling out by saying otherwise.

    Reporter was required by her editor to have proof of contacting the police before she would run said claim. I turned that over to the writer and she verified it. I'm not required to provide evidence to a career message board poster who constantly displays the same obsessive behavior and broken logic as the now-confirmed murderer. I have not spoken to Catherine about her interview but I assume she had to prove her claims to the writer the same as I did.

    The writer clearly did not aim to paint anyone other than Ms. Molter as the true victims, but rather to show a clear behavioral pattern that extended for many, many years and was nothing but encouraged by many people rather than discouraged.

    The writer reached out to numerous people involved in feeding Rudy's delusions over the years, but none of them would return her requests for comment. Many had a chance to refute anything stated in the piece within the article, rather than buried in a message board.

    You lasted five days. Probably less.

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  9. datagod's Avatar

    Content removed by Datagod. All this does is attract flies.

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  10. Foot0fGod's Avatar

    I'm sorry... but how on earth is that a threat? It looks like he's saying "you had a chance to speak directly instead of do what you are doing now, but within five days, you are doing what you are doing now." Agree or disagree with the accuracy of that claim, I don't understand any other reasonable way to interpret that statement.

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  11. datagod's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Foot0fGod

    @Datagod, seeing the lines "they make claims impossible to refute or prove (mind reading)" inches apart on the screen from "Rudy had severe untreated mental problems, or so it would appear" is just one of those things that blows my mind. I'd say "this is peak Loserthink"TM...

    Rudy's sister claimed he sufferred a traumau growing up. Rudy himself told me many times of his phobias and anxiety disorder. Rudy's sister also said he stopped taking his medications.

    I added "or so it would appear" because it does appear that way, at least to me. That isn't actually loserthink, but I am glad we are having a civil discussion about that term. It is very interesting and I highly recommend reading the book.

  12. datagod's Avatar

    I had no chance to speak directly to the so called journalist. I was not a former co-owner of Twin Galaxies. Nobody reached out to me. I believe you are trying to read between lines that are not there, and nothing wrong with that. It is easy to mis-interpret what people say when they don't come right out and say things.

    You and me are good. We are still TG pals. I look forward to more Galaga related submissions from you.

    Have a good day my friend.

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  13. datagod's Avatar

    And now in the interest of fostering a better community experience, I will be leaving this thread. Tempers flare, emotions are raw. Lets remember what this site is supposed to be for and just go and have fun playing some video games!

  14. Foot0fGod's Avatar

    I agree with that sentiment and I have plenty more to say on all these topics, but I'll defer to do so because it's just not the place, time, and yeah, probably nothing good could come of it.

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  15. Streetwize's Avatar

    I hate to be an English scholar here, but I'll just point out the sentence structure. I didn't think it was a threat myself though I didn't fully understand what PSP meant. If it were a threat, it would have said something like "you will last five days". If the statement as-is were used in a violent context, it would suggest that you're already dead. Clearly, you're not.

    On that note I thought Foot of God meant you failed to be any sort of amiable, seeing anger usually arise whenever one of the two is present or mentioned. I could be wrong though.

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  16. datagod's Avatar

    This is why I put him on ignore. There is no point in me responding to his trollish posts.

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