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12-17-2020 at 06:02 AM
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Let's Try That Again...

In yesterday's Wall Post, I learned that the content I recently uploaded to the TG Wiki about the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard (TGIS) February 1984 - which features a number of "lost" scores that didn't make it into the 1997 TG Records Book or TG database in 2000 - wasn't visible to the community. At that point, I also learned that all of the content I uploaded to the Documentary Archives, featuring historical awards and posters, wasn't visible as well - all anyone saw were the headings for each uploaded image.


Hopefully, the permissions issue is now resolved and now when you visit those two links, you will see *actual content!* Woot!

So if you visited before, and were confused by what all the fuss was about since you might have seen just text, or blank space, please try again. :)

As a heads up, the content still won't be visible if you're logged out of your account so if you share a yperlink with a non-member, they probably won't see the images.

Thanks to Fly and Barthax for sorting this out.

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