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01-03-2021 at 08:25 AM
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TG's 40th Anniversary - from the Archives

Forty years ago, Jon Bloch and Walter Day opened an arcade in downtown Ottumwa, Iowa on November 10, 1981. Flanked by a shoe store and an optometrist shop at 226 East Main Street, the new arcade welcomed its first customers at 6:30pm and in doing so, joined an ever-growing number of arcade businesses that opened across the country and around the world hoping to tap into the wallets of gamers eager to try their hand at the latest video game offering.

As part of a 40 year retrospective, I'll be sharing new content uploaded to the Twin Galaxies Documentary Archive over the coming months. To kick things off, we'll go back 20 years.

Twin Galaxies Video Game Festival, 2001

On the twentieth anniversary of its establishment in 1981, Twin Galaxies organized the inaugural Video Game Festival held in Bloomington, Minnesota at the Mall of America. Held over three days, the event offered competition on a wide range of consoles and classic arcade games. The festival also offered the unique opportunity for members of the public to view video playback of world record scores.

More content can be found in the Documentary Archive:

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