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01-15-2021 at 01:14 PM
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Victor Ali Missile Command Dispute - Revert to Earlier Score?

I didn't originally follow the dispute around Victor Ali's Missile Command (Marathon) score of 80,364,995 points when it was disputed in 2018, but I recently started reviewing the community discussion and TG's decision to remove the score based on the available evidence.

A few points:

-Ali's score appeared in AtariAge, a newsletter produced by Atari that advertised products and also included a small section on coin-op high scores. Below is a screenshot from the Sept/Oct 1983 issue of his score, achieved December 23, 1982

-it appears that Ali's 80,364,995 score wasn't submitted to nor tracked by the Twin Galaxies International Scoreboard (TGIS), the original incarnation of the TG leaderboard. A full two years after Ali achieved the 80 million score in 1982, the February 1984 TGIS indicates that Ali submitted a score of 69,739,020 achieved on Factory settings on November 21, 1983.

In late 1984, Twin Galaxies essentially shut down but the TGIS was taken over by Steve Harris and re-branded the Amusement Players Association International Scoreboard. In 1988, Ali's MS score remained 69,739,020 as shown in the July 1988 issue of Zzap! magazine:

Ali's 80 million score does eventually appear in the 1998 Edition of the Twin Galaxies' Official Video Game & Pinball Book of World Records, which essentially served as the basis of the relaunched scoreboard database in 2000. While my research hasn't been exhaustive at this point, the only prior published source for the 80 million score was the aforementioned AtariAge newsletter, which was mentioned in the original dispute.

In light of the fact that Ali's 80 million score was rescinded (which arguably was not intended for inclusion on the TG leaderboard in the first place since Ali submitted a lower score a year later), should the scoreboard revert to Ali's lower but officially recognized score of 69,739,020?

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