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01-26-2021 at 05:20 PM
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TG at 40 - The King vs The Queen Q*Bert Smackdown, 2006

From the TG Documentary Archives, this poster documents a "showdown" that occurred fifteen years ago this April where Twin Galaxies members Kelly Tharp and Doris Self competed for the Q*bert royal crown during the "Toughest Gun in Dodge City" event held at Apollo Amusements in Pompano Beach, FL. This event was featured in the documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Tharp made a name for himself as a prolific arcade competitor through Kentuckiana in the 1980s on games like Robotron, Mousetrap, Defender, and Q*bert. Tharp's reputation for arcade excellence extended into the 21st century when he continued to achieve ever-higher scores on classic titles, include a marathon record of 9,437,400 on Tapper in 2005 that stood until 2015.

Self made her newspaper debut in the Fort Lauderdale News in June 1983 in an article entitled "Meet Mrs. Q, video queen":

After a career as a flight attendant on Eastern Airlines, Self retired and embraced arcades as a competitive gamer. Spotted by a young Bill Mitchell at Pizza Cabaret on State Road 7 in Hacienda Village, Self was an anomaly in an environment dominated by teenage girls and boys. She was put into contact with Boston-based producer Jim Riley, who invited the 57 year old Self to Boston on an all expenses paid trip to participate in the World Video Championships.

"She is the antithesis of what the public perceives as a video game player," enthused Riley. "She sends all the public perceptions right down the drain. Needless to say, her promotional value is phenomenal."

The following year Self set a record on Q*bert (tournament settings) with a score of 1,112,300 points during the Video Game Masters Tournament, earning a spot in the 1985 Guinness Book of World Records.

You can check out more examples of newly uploaded materials to the archive at the following link:

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    mild note, not trying to be a jerk making it about me, this is more about me being pedantic, but his tapper score stood till 2015 not 2017.

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    Thanks, I realize now that the leaderboard doesn't reflect your 2015 score since you eclipsed it in 2019 - updated

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