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03-30-2021 at 08:27 AM
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TG at 40 From the Archives - Rick Fothergill - Ms. Pac-Man World Record, July 20, 1996

25 years after his world record achievement, the world can now see a clip from Rick Fothergill's history-making Ms. Pac-Man game.

Every world record is preceded by lots of practice. In the case of "Captain Canada," it look 12 years before the big moment arrived.

In July 1996, Rick attained a new world record on Ms. Pac-Man, underlining his arrival on the classic arcade gaming scene, shattering the existing Ms. Pac-Man record from 1986. With great foresight, Rick recorded his game onto VHS tape and subsequently submitted it to Twin Galaxies. The story would receive widespread attention in March 1999 when Rick was presented with a TG plaque from Mayor Bob Morrow in Hamilton, Ontario.

In the years that would follow, Rick would go on to attain multiple world records on a range of classic Pac titles, both in Hamilton and at the annual Funspot Classic Arcade Tournament in Laconia, NH, including Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, and Jr. Pac-Man.

With Rick's blessing, Pac-Man world record holder David Race has shared a clip of Rick's closing minutes on his 1996 Ms. Pac-Man run. Plans include uploading the entirety of Rick's iconic game in the near future.

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