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11-03-2021 at 04:58 PM
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Capcom Pro Tour - Japan 3 Qualifier

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a recent news story I posted on the Capcom Pro Tour on its most recent stop in Japan. I've always been a huge Street Fighter fan and spent a ton of money on the game in the 90s. While I haven't been actively following the scene the last few years, I'm hoping to get back up to speed to share some stories for fellow fans.

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  1. Streetwize's Avatar

    As someone part of the FGC, I'll help cover what you missed for the past 15 years. SF3 is highly revered by fans nowadays for its mechanics as well as "Evo Moment #37". but back then nobody played it as the roster bore little resemblance to previous games. SF3 cost a lot to make and it didn't make as much money as SF2 so Capcom didn't bother to make a sequel for nearly 10 years. SF4 was credited with reviving fighting games, but as games like Guilty Gear, Tekken, and Soulcalibur were being made, it was more like bringing the tournament scene into the mainstream. It bears many similarities to SF2, but it's not quite as casual-friendly. SF5 tried to simplify things but was lambasted for having a terrible launch. I was hyped for SFV seeing high damage from combos, but that was scaled back to be only slightly higher than SF4.

    If you come from a pure-SF2 perspective, chances are you may not enjoy playing the newer ones as much. Movement is slower, attacks are stubby being easier to trade hits with the opponent, and more advanced mechanics are in play. I'm friends with one of the top FG players in my state, placing 33rd in SFV at EVO 2018. Capcom's approach for a large part of the game according to him was toning down and removing a lot of defense to promote offense. For example, Dragon Punches used to be invincible but as of Season 2, you have to use meter for guaranteed invincibility. I could be wrong now as I don't entirely keep up, but the long-standing joke was that Ryu was removed from SF5 until season 5. I do like the last season adding in some QoL mechanics such as V-Shift though to give a universal defensive option.

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    Thanks Streetwize, I appreciate the condensed history! I was deeply involved in SF2 and didn't keep abreast of the new iterations, although I did follow the SF4 circuit a few years back, but didn't stay consistently involved. There's a lot to learn for me in terms of following SF5 mechanics, so I'll be at a deficit for a while until I build up my knowledge base following the scene (hopefully) more consistently.

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