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01-31-2019 at 05:14 PM
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Light gun question...AGAIN

OK, so it's no secret that I absolutely despise the Duck Hunt rules. The whole "must show gun at all times" rule is just a pain in the ass for someone like me who likes playing 5-6ft away. So here is the question...again. If my console is ALWAYS on camera, and I show you/trace the cord from the NES to the light gun proving I am in fact actually using the gun that is plugged in, is that not considered "at all times"? Because the connector is a part of the gun, and probably the most important part any controller since it is what sends the signals to the NES. Add that to the clicking sounds proving I am in fact shooting when the screen flashes and it's all good in my book.

What does the community think? This rule has always been dumb and I am looking at it from the most common sense point of view for recording purposes. I had a run rejected because in between shots I took the gun off camera (resting position), but when I shot it was on camera and I believe the NES was in view but not the controller connectors.

So, is me having the entire NES in view, tracing the cord that will already be plugged in before the video which I will never go near it again , show you that I am in fact using the gun that is plugged into said NES with a quick demonstration, will this be acceptable? I have had a hell of a time getting the gun and a clear game play view at the same time that didn't require me to move the camera back and forth during play just to show score rollovers, which is an unnecessary risk since it's essentially sudden death once you reach a certain level. I would rather place the camera so you can see the scores rollover while also still "common sensely" know I am using the gun connected to the console. If I never go near the console again, there really is no quesion/doubt/trickery that could possibly occur.

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  1. Blackflag82's Avatar

    I might be misremembering, but the sub I remember voting no on was because of the video break not the gun issue. But maybe there were other videos where the gun came into play. I know the gun issue was raised in that thread and was a sticking point for some, but for me what you describe works, unless someone is able to convincingly voice why it won't.

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    I believe I paused the game for recording purposes. This was over two years ago and I think it was still unclear whether it was allowed or not. @RTM has said many times that pausing WAS allowed for recording purposes if it was done as quickly as possible. I believe I did pause the game for that purpose, but it was frowned upon. I believe it was the gun going off screen that did it for most. However, I don't think I brought up the argument that my controller connection is actually a part of the gun, and if I never go near it that leaves little doubt that I was in fact playing.

    As for the pausing, that needs discussed again as well. I have a couple light gun games I plan to marathon for over 3 hours, which means I will need to have some sort of break in my videos since the max recording time is 3 hours. I did just buy a new computer and it should be arriving tomorrow, I'm hoping the software that comes with it will allow me for infinite recording times. I doubt it will since I'm sure there is a max file size at some point. Either way, I've had a few video breaks in some of my recent submissions and they seem to be passing since I do record the breaks with my phone as well. What do you think? I completely get the reasons behind the "no pausing", but with my computer it's literally click to stop, click to start. So I might take a max time of one minute at the start of the next video to say my name, show the score, round, etc to confirm its the same game play.

    I do have OBS which I think can record for as long as I choose, I'm just not familiar with it so I don't use it.

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    To add to my last point, I know right at 2.5 hours of recording is right at the TG max of 5GB per video. I have no idea the recording lengths and the data that goes with it.

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    isnt the purpose of showing the gun to make sure you're not using cheating tricks with it to register the hits?

    I would think the real thing is we need to see pointing at the screen every time it fires. if it goes off screen at a non-firing time, whatever

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  5. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Well you say that, and that's exactly what I did the last time and it didn't work because the gun went off the screen. I know about why the controller needs to be visible because you can control the ducks with it, but what tricks are there for the light gun? I have read that if the brightness of the TV is super bright it can always register as a hit. I've actually proven that the TV I use in one of my runs at maximum brightness isn't bright enough to do that. These would be parts of the demonstrations I would do before I actually played the game. I would show my TV settings and that I can miss.

    Not that I need any tricks to play light gun games, but how do you trick the game into registering a hit when there are multiple targets on the screen? This would be a huge disadvantage on games like Freedom Force/Alleyway where there are both good and bad targets. Then again Duck Hunt all targets are good targets I guess. Either way, so this whole "must show the gun" is for a cheating tactic? So if I showed the tip of the gun on every shot like I did in my 26M run of clay shooting, that would suffice? Because back then it didn't and I argued the same thing I am now. And if it is possible to trick the gun it would have to be in front of the gun tricking the sensor so me showing the gun barrel should prove I'm not doing that.

    This whole argument is simply to get the best shot of the TV for score rollover purposes. It will happen a lot. And of course in between rounds I'm going to rest my arms and not show the gun if that's what happens, nothing is happening anyway. I figure as long as I stay away from the NES once I start playing and show the gun 99% of the time that should be plenty enough evidence. I say 99% because I do remember in that 26M run there where a few shots off screen but I took 5820 shots, I would think there would be a little leniency there. Especially since I actually play at a distance.

    Here the links for that run. Personally I think it should be acceptable and I would definitely submit it.

    I demonstrate I can miss in the first link. I pause immediately at the end of the last round in the first link for recording purposes. I start the second video going over everything that was displayed at the end of link one. The only thing I didn't do was have the NES in view the whole time but I did put the controller up there...which I don't think does anything in clay shooting. Either way, please view the starts and ends of the both links and tell me if what I did was acceptable. I would record the video break with my phone to prove I did not have an extra long break, so that couldn't be counted against me either.

  6. EVN's Avatar

    What I would do if I was you is have two cameras, one pointed at you and one pointed at the screen then use OBS to record the video.

    I sort of do it with my submissions, I have direct capture and a webcam going but you could just have two webcams.

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  7. RaGe's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by EVN

    What I would do

    if I was you

    is have two

    cameras, one pointed at you

    You were rhyming your ass off! LOL
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  8. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Yeah sorry I know it's a strict rule but there are two things here - Snowflake touched on one. The gun could be fired off camera at a white sheet of paper on some games and you'll never miss a target. The second thing is that there could be a light gun plugged into the NES that's NOT the one you're holding on camera, and you squeeze both triggers at the same time, one pointed at the white paper and one pointed at the screen. So, just seeing a gun on screen that's firing is not proof that there's no foul play.

    I'm very confident that that's not what's going on. But to eliminate any doubt I think the only solution is to maintain the rules and add camera. I used two cameras for all my light gun runs and it's a whole thing but I think it's worth it for the sure proof.

  9. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Ok, so two cameras it is. Just so happens my new computer shows up today so that can be done now. However, since I will be having two cameras operating, both of them working individually from one another, would it then be allowed under that pausing for video purposes rule to pause the game, stop one recording while filming with the other?

    So I paise the game, show myself on one camera stopping the the other device and then restarting. Then using the camera I just restarted, showing myself stopping the other recording device and restarting it? There would be 100% because of this method, proving the pause was not for any breaks but for recording purposes. Then I continue game play.

    Would this be reasonable. As I've said, my main camera only records for 3 hours, but with TGs file size limitation of 5GB, recording roughly at 2.5 hours hits that mark.

  10. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    Overlapping footage is totally cool with me. 100%

    As long as there's a continuous feed I think it's fine. Now if we see you doin' anything funny during all that we're gonna be pissed!

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  11. Snowflake's Avatar

    yeah thats not just reasonable as you know its already established as ok.

    it might raise some eyebrows cause with modern technology more and more people are able to continuously record but i see no reason to remove the provision.

  12. Blackflag82's Avatar

    It's fine with me as well

  13. EVN's Avatar

    One of the cameras could be one of those fish eye deals on the ceiling that can see the whole room. See if you can get through a 5+ hour submission without picking your nose or scratching your balls on camera :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EVN

    One of the cameras could be one of those fish eye deals on the ceiling that can see the whole room. See if you can get through a 5+ hour submission without picking your nose or scratching your balls on camera :)

    Holy **** that is hilarious. I just told the wife today since my new computer showed up that I would dedicate one computer to showing me the whole time during gameplay and that is exactly what I said. I even went as far to tell her that I'm going to give everyone a preemptive warning. For example, "Ball scratch coming in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. And scratch."

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    Dude I play on camera with Tourette’s you cant let embarrassments stand between you and victory. Scratch those balls with no remorse

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  16. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Might just have to shout to this thread right before I do a ball itch, haha. I've had a few things come up this last few weeks which of course put this off. Tomorrow or next week is going to be the week. Now that all the kids are healthy, shouldn't be any concerns there.

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