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05-30-2019 at 09:53 PM
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Another make-over?! It's official, TG is depressed!

No depression is not a joke. I'm simply pointing out that when an entity is constantly changing it's "look" and ignoring the actual issues, there is something not quite right going on in the brain department. I haven't been around since I started working again this Apr., and I come back to see several highly active people are taking a break from here? Yeah, that is what any possible new members want to read. But it's OK, the new "look" will make everyone like the site.

Well TG? Are you satisfied with your 4th(?) appearance change in the last 2 years (?)? Just knocks the wind out of me having been so inactive the last month-month and half to come back to the only things being changed are yet again the layout.

LEADERBOARDS. LEADERBOARDS. LEADERBOARDS. Tournament section still isn't running. Not that I expect any rewards to come from it since already purchased certificates still haven't been sent out. Must be on a huge back order list.

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  1. RTM's Avatar

    I echoed your thoughts in a previous post...change for the sake of change is never a good idea.

  2. andrewg's Avatar

    This is a website

  3. RTM's Avatar

    A website,sure...but only content needs to change when no other logical reason for appearance/structural changes are critical unless the change is to provide value-added-services. The recent host of changes accomplish neither...thus the comment about "change for the sake of change".

  4. The Evener's Avatar

    I'm not disputing that there are other issues that the community wants addressed, but after using it for a couple of days, I really like the changes that the web team has made to the site. For example, it always seemed like a bit of a scavenger hunt to to find rejected submissions - I swear there was one way where you navigated to score submissions and there wasn't any obvious link to rejections, so you had to navigate up to higher level and then work your way down a different way. Now, all aspects of Score Submissions are combined together - toggle between Score Submissions and Rejected. The Dispute Review threads are found on the same page as well. I think for new users the new "Social" link will make more sense than "Home" - it's more clear that you'll find exchanges and member-generated content. I'm still learning where the tweaks have been made, but presentation and ease of use do make a difference for the overall "experience" of using a site. Besides, it's very possible this is all connected to larger things being changed on the back end, and with the impending roll-out of the tournament system. Maybe it's seen as cosmetic, but I take the active work on the site as a positive signal that TG's still invested in its web presence and experience.

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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    i wanna watch my tone here, cause i dont really mean it as an argument, especially when opinion is involved, more of just clarifying the "stop fixing cosmetics" side.

    @the evener i'm definitley in the "dont fix it if i aint broke" camp. or even, dont fix it, if you're just gonna do a better fix later. even improvements, even better layouts take a little to learn. if they fix the layout this month, and we even all agree its better, only to make it even more better next month, then what was the point? at that point i dont wanna learn an upgrade if i'm just about to get an even higher upgrade in the near future. i'd rather use what i'm comfortable with, and then do a big jump to the huge upgrade when its ready.

    and honestly, i feel there were a lot of downgrades. the way leaderboards were changed was just awful and in my opinion a downgrade. but even the parts that might be seemed as an upgrade do introduce bugs as well as likely will just be "upgraded" again.

    theres also limited resources and i feel the reseources are far better spent elsewhere.

    thats really what my real complain is. its not so much that i hate the changes, i mildly dislike them, i see them as negative, but i would also feel petty complaining about them. my real issue is the higher priorities being ignored, the bugs introduced, and this change really just highlights those other issues

  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    heres an undelying principle, people only want an upgrade if its 10x better. not 2x better, not 3x better but 10x better. lets face it, its why TG wins. there are better sites out there, much better, but they're not 10x better. We stick with tg cause it came out first and we're invested. considering TGs survival in competiton from better alternatives come from the fact most people only want huge updates, not minor ones, then by constantly updating like this, TG is removing the one advantage it has

  7. thegamer1185's Avatar

    TGSAP at this point is my only reason for staying and knowing scores aren't bogus. Some of the scores on other sites have no real rules, which is fine. Highest score is a highest score with no rules. TGSAP and knowing my scores are legit because many say they are is my one and only reason for staying. I love the community as well. Can't leave out you guys. We actually give a ****...sadly it seems more than the actual TG heads. At least that's the appearance I feel is being displayed.

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