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10-17-2019 at 04:49 PM
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@SincerelyFranny can you please take a look at this submission and delete it? I made a mistake in my time stamp, it didn't match my time entered. However, earlier in the video is the actual time that I did submit. Me being an idiot I asked for people to REJECT it only to seconds remember I know that the run I used to enter the score is in the video.

Essentially, it's a cluster ****. All the evidence is there for the score I submitted even though the time stamp is wrong. I'm sure people have voted no on it because I asked for a reject which isn't actually correct either....confused yet? Here is the link. Basically I don't want people to take the precious CR hit because of my mistake.!-LV-6-Clear-Time-01-09-0-Kyle-Nelson?p=1058725#post1058725

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    I saw in the thread that you are asking for the thread to be deleted. Unfortunately, we cannot delete the submission; they can only be cancelled. I understand your concern, but it's the process we have to follow. :(

    All that matters is that the score claim IN THE TITLE and ON THE SCOREBOARD matches the evidence provided. I understand that you might have made a mistake in the submission message... but this is the reason we have a discussion thread under the submission so you can clarify. I would try to make your case clear in the comments and then it is in the hands of the adjudicators to determine if they are going to ultimately accept or reject it.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

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    It's kind of like that Matthew Felix submissions. It got rejected but everything in the submissions was legit. The time I entered is correct with the video submitted. Guess I'll just tell people to vote yes then and whoever takes a hit takes a hit.

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