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11-05-2019 at 08:18 PM
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Change the organizing reference check for game platforms

I'm having to double check my Hyrule Warriors scores for the 3DS. Why don't you guys just go take a look at the first 9 pages of that games tracks and tell me if the way TG orders the tracks makes any sense? It doesn't and with games that have many pages like this it makes it just stupid to find and reference things.

For those of you who aren't aware of how the system orders tracks for games, here it is.

1. Number of scores on the track. Highest subs to lower subs.

2. Track name/Numerical value. This is misleading although I suppose technically correct...not according to excel but I get "why" the tracks are in this order. Tracks that have numberical values do not appear in sequential order. They should appear like this; 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. However this is how the system orders them; 1, 11, 111, 1111, 2, 3, 33, 4, 4444444444, 5 and so on. Now tell me how that makes sense when it comes to searching for tracks? Picture below shows what I mean.

Notice it goes from G1 to G10. It then goes G11, G12, G13, G14, G15, G16, and then back to G2, G3, G4. While I get why it does this, it's not numerically in order and that just doesn't make sense.

So take these tracks in the image above. Identical tracks, Identical number of scores per track, only difference is the numerical value; G1 and G10. Do you know what happens when you submit to G10? The G10 track now becomes priority (because it now has more scores) and shows first instead of the numerical order value of G1. Lets add to that.

The screen capture above is found on Hyrule Warriors - 3DS page 88. If I where to post a score for either one of them, they would be moved clear up to whatever page it would be that has 2 submissions, and then the track value it would fall into. So it would move up to at least page 46 or earlier because that is where the last "2 posted score" submissions end. Now how the hell is anyone supposed to find that damn track when it was on page 88, in somewhat of a numerical value order, and then it jumps clear up to page 46 because someone submitted to it? Not only that, but then the track is completely out of place with the other tracks identical to it.

This needs changed. I only bring this up because now that I have to double check my scores, this is basically a task not worth my time because it's so hard to find what I need to find.

Also, is there any chance we can get something that allows us to skip directly to a specific page instead of moving ahead 4 pages at a time? Yes, I do realize there is a search function in each and every game. However, that function also has a flaw. It remembers every single search you have ever done. So if I search Slalom, but am in Hyrule Warriors, I still see the Slalom search. There is no way for me to delete my searches on TG. Clearing my cache, deleting my browser history doesn't do it. So after so many searched the quick search becomes you must know exactly what you are searching for or you can't search it. Leaving you to go page by page.

While I do realize there are already enough issues going on at TG that this seems like a put on the back burner and get to it later project (later never comes...), but since we are now FORCED to essentially make sure our submitted scores are now actually be entered (defeats the purpose of TGSAP if you ask me) this search function and page selection becomes a pretty big fucking deal.

Back to checking my damn scores and then cross referencing them on that fucked up list of tracks on Hyrule Warriors.

  1. Joonas's Avatar

    The numerical part could do correcting; but personally I do kinda like that the track with most scores shows up first, easy to find where the competition is.

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  2. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Joonas

    The numerical part could do correcting; but personally I do kinda like that the track with most scores shows up first, easy to find where the competition is.

    I absolutely agreed with your statement until this horseshit of checking our scores to make sure they are in the database happened. Now, when I post a score that is on page 8, I want the damn score to remain on page 8 because that's where I found it. Nothing worse than knowing you left your car keys on the counter but your wife moves them and didn't tell you. That's exactly how irritating this score thing, haha. **** was here when I left, I expect my **** to be here when I get back, ahhhhhhhh!! Haha, man. Just one thing after another going on around here.

  3. Barthax's Avatar

    Must be me but I do find locating tracks relatively simple - having used many games with oodles of tracks. The easiest [human] method is to cut down your search criteria to the most unique portion. For example, with Hyrule Warriors Legends, the format is nice & concise with only three elements:

    <mode> - <map> - <cell & info>

    Most of the maps have a unique last few characters, for example, so if you're wanting to submit row G of the Twilight Map, use the search:

    ght Map - G

    There's a maximum of 16 cells per row in this game, so you'll have at most two pages for any given map.

    If it's about checking you own scores, then your own Rankings page is better - it also has a search feature built in which can be used similarly.

    (Unless, of course, I missed the point of the OP.)

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    I really think that there should be a massive overhaul of the way some groups of tracks are presented on the game pages. Things like this, where they form a logical group (also compare "best lap times" for sets of tracks on racing games, etc) should be collected into some sort of table or other coherent UI object in a much better manner.

    Of course, given the tendency of any significant change to end up breaking tons of things and to never really work that well anyway... probably something we don't actually want implemented any time soon.

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