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12-19-2019 at 01:33 AM
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So Sunday was an unfortunate day for me. I had my information hacked. I think it was Google, because I updated my phone last week, and all of a sudden I have an $1800 purchase go through my Paypal....twice!!! Well, once. They caught the second one and asked me if I did it. So I spent all day Monday suspending my Paypal, changing passwords, cancelling credit cards, changed my bank account number because Paypal went directly through my bank account. It sucked.

Turns out the hackers really wanted 2 Pixel 4 XL phones. I could see that transaction in my Paypal. Well, Tuesday morning at about 8:20 A.M. I get a phone call from a local-ish number. It was FedEx asking to confirm a mailing address for my purchase. I asked them "What purchase?" Just in case the wife ordered something. Turns out it was from Micro chip something or other....IT WAS THE DAMN PHONES THOSE **** TARDS BOUGHT WITH MY MONEY. So I tell her, "Yeah, why don't you just go ahead and sent those to me."

So today, as I was waiting for the phones to arrive, guess who tried to gain access to the tracking number of the phones because they hadn't arrived yet? Those dick holes who stole my account info. Guess who had 2 Pixel 4 XL phones arrive about 40 minutes later? THIS FUCKING GUY!!! I contacted Google, it's all a fraud thing. My bank is returning the money, and now I have these 2 phones with me. So I asked the wife and some other people, do I send them back? Do I just sell them on Ebay?

Well, the wife wanted one...I hate cell phones but heard the camera was insanely good. So I said she can have her's but I wanted to test the camera. Turns out, it's fucking amazing for recording things. I believe it records in about 22min spurts or a certain data, but it appears to be one continuous recording.

I feel guilty I have them because it was a fraud purchase, but if by some insanely blind luck FedEx never called me, those assholes would have the phones. I don't want to just sell them because them it would look like I did this whole thing on purpose to screw my bank (I DIDN'T DO IT!!) and then turn around and make about $1500 for something I never wanted in the first place. So I guess I'm keeping them, and my submissions will have an insane jump in video quality. I hope.

Seriously, I called Google and told them I had the phones and they never once said you must return them or should return. They don't even have a fraud department....yeah, that was actually said to me. So I did what a good, honest person should have done. Long story short, I just got 2 phones because karma is awesome I guess those assholes who fucked me went through all that for nothing.

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    Why you hate cell phones?

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    I feel like they have destroyed people's abilities to appreciate one another's company. I miss writing notes to my parents, or my parents writing me notes about "Food is in the fridge, be home at 7, good luck tonight tonight, went to the store back at 1." Those are personal, they have meaning and emotion. People don't seem to be in the moment where they are anymore because they can just talk to someone whenever they want. That's not a bad thing, but think when you were a kid. You wanted to hang out, YOU WENT TO THERE HOUSE AND KNOCKED ON THE DOOR. It was kind of exciting now that I think about it. Are they home? Are they not home? Kind of taught kids to deal with disappointment or excitiement of you ask me.

    I think it all started in college. My age group was smack in the middle of "everyone has a cell phone era", 2003 and up. You have a party, people are texting everyone not there. Cell phones are out on the table. I lived without a cell phone for 4 years up until my wife and I went through a bad spell. It was amazing...not having a phone, not the bad spell. People hated it....because they had to call my home phone and leave a message, Dun Dun Dunnnnn!!! And God forbid they had to WAIT for a reply. It really was kind of funny how mad everyone was I didn't have one. Those people of course never leave their phones anywhere. If they were an hour from their home headed in vacation they turn around to get it.

    So when I went out to the bar, or restaurants, since I didn't have a phone I was really in the moment and that's when I realized how little people are actually where they are. Almost every single table had at least one phone out. It was surprising. I'm glad I experienced it.

    Cell phones are great for business or passing time IF no one else is around and you are waiting, but I feel they have ruined how people interact personally with one another face to face. They are great, but I believe they have caused some of the "we are all special" attitude now and deserve a trophy. I know teachers hate cell phones, haha.

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    Yeah people were so much more social before phones.... Look at these people enjoying each other's company...

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    Waiting though, haha. And I doubt they know one another. The video file sizes are quite large. And they get split up as well.l during recording. It records as one video z just automatically gets split for some reason. Doing some compression stuff now to see what they end up looking like. I'm sure they are still better than my web cam.

    Right now my process is very easy. Record, immediately submit to TG. I'm usually uploading immediately. It's as fast I can do it which is great. Using my phone I may have to record all day, then compress all files over night and piece them together the next day. Will take much longer. I'm doing one now. Ive compressed them as low as possible, and now merging them together. I'll see what it looks like.

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    if this was facebook i'd join in arguing with you on the phone thing, but for here, whatever, i agree to disagree i guess.

    as for the fraud/freebie, sounds like you did the right thing. let them know, though i'd recommend email not just voice for your protection. once you get documentation proved you informed them and tried to do the right thing, then after that its on them

    as for the porch pirates who were planning on robbing you on delivery, who knows what else they've robbed. you might want some outside secruity cameras. its 2019 they're not too pricey. heck sometimes we enjoy seeing the squirrels and stray cats that run across our porch at night.

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    I've got my recent call log in my phone for ALL the numbers I called Monday and Tuesday, and they record the phone of course that's worth something :P. When I was talking about the tracking number thing, they knew the phones where supposed to arrive on Tuesday in BUFFALO, N.Y. When they didn't, they where going to use the tracking number to see where they were. What they didn't know was that FedEx called me Tuesday morning and I told them to send the phones to me. I just thought it was hilarious they used the tracking number to see where the phones were to realize they ended up at the person's home in Iowa who they tried screwing over.

    There wasn't anyone at my home. I know they were checking the tracking number because I received a text message from FedEx for the security code needed to get the tracking number about 40 minutes before it arrived. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I covered all my sides when it comes to this damn scenario.

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    Happened with my manager's neighbor. It was a high end pc graphics card and they just let them keep it after giving them their money back. I sold it on ebay and every scammer tried to get it from me there too.

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    I'm with you on people not appreciating personal interactions. Though I'm also comfortable in uncomfortable silences and forums. :P Forums are much the same as not having a phone, however: walk away and nobody knows when you'll be back.

    A ringing phone is like having a kid next to you constantly asking a question. Silencing a phone is much easier.

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