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01-05-2020 at 08:21 PM
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Rodrigo is my subs don't clear adjudication, haha

So anybody else notice that since Rodrigo has been banned, the adjudication list seems to be getting longer. I have noticed my subs don't clear throw hardly at all now. I guess the holidays could have halted that a bit, but he did have an insanely high CR that would have helped push many subs through with his voting. Back to playing the waiting game I guess.

Hope everyone has a fantastic year of gaming. I look forward to watching and adjudicating your runs. Sorry MAME users, that **** is beyond me. Everyone else, keep them coming haha.

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  1. datagod's Avatar

    My little counter is making sad beeps all day. Currently the queue is at 919. Before Christmas it was around 800. I think that things will pick up now the holidays are over.

  2. RTM's Avatar

    There's a definite downside when people who are the heaviest "adjudicators" are suddenly banned from participation. The same will hold true for submitters, content providers and the like.

    If you think about it objectively, and though this would never happen, there are likely 5 or so people that collectively account for the lions share of adjudication, submission and content provision...take them all out of the mix and the site will grind to a near-halt.

    The same would happen on a certain classic arcade gaming site if all of three people were to suddenly stop posting, though that also likely would never happen.

  3. GibGirl's Avatar

    You DO realize that's it's also been the holiday season, and that Vzaar has had problems showing videos, right?

    I think there's insufficient evidence to draw any such conclusions at this point. Correlation is not causation and all that.

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  4. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I mentioned the holiday season :P

  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    well i'm sure rodrigo helped the queue he also added to it. think of it, in order to submit you only need to review 3 things, yet i'm pretty sure you need more than 3 others to review your stuff. so for every 3 votes he gave, he in turn added a sub that required more than 3 votes meaning the heavy submittings (despite also being heavy adjudicators) add to queue length. this isnt a criticism or a judgement just pointing out that because of this i think if anything his absence would shrink the queue and i therefore blame the size on other things

  6. thegamer1185's Avatar

    That's what I'm getting at. He was bulk submitter no doubt, but he isn't submitting or adjudicating and it's getting longer than it has been been in a long time. His submissions cleared through so quickly that the queue getting bigger during that time wasn't that noticeable. I think since @datagod made his little counter thing the queue had remained around 600ish for many months. Now it's over 900 and climbing. I guess I feel like his adjudicating was outweighing his bulk submitting. Just noticed how slowly ALL submissions are taking to clear adjudication right now. You could be right, @GibGirl could be right about the Holidays and what not. There is definitely no arguing having someone with 50K CR no longer around to vote won't slow the adjudication clearing process though.

  7. Barthax's Avatar

    I'm an active submitter again... :P

    Entirely inconclusive as Rodrigo is not now... far too little info to draw conclusions.

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  8. GibGirl's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by thegamer1185

    I mentioned the holiday season :P

    Yes, I see you did, my apologies for missing that!

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  9. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl

    Yes, I see you did, my apologies for missing that!

    Was giving you crap. Just about pulled out a Seinfeld joke on it too. "Oh, I mentioned the bisque."

  10. Barthax's Avatar

    Oh, one potential "slowness" for your Xbox PAL subs: they're done on an NTSC system. Achievements are good but that's not an original PAL Xbox, so I'm not going to vote on them (who knows what will be discovered down the line to dispute them - same goes for various others that have subbed on non-original regional equipment).

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