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01-24-2020 at 10:19 PM
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My submissions. Vote on them

Hello everyone.

So I'm kind of new to this so I'll do my best. My name is Kyle. I live in a small town in western Iowa. I'm really handsome, funny, witty, and all around a cool guy. My turn offs are any movie that shows an achilles tendon being cut (Pet Cemetary, Kill Bill Vol 1), hair in the drain, and people who don't appreciate a good fart. My turn ons are fast cars and fast woman!!! I have 10 pages in the queue of TGSAP which is almost 1/5 of all submissions. Feel free to hit up my submissions anytime and who knows, maybe our relationship will blossom into something special. Look forward to your replies.

Thanks and have a great day.

P.S. Seriously community, vote on my ****. Vote/Forward this to 10 people in the next hour or you will have bad luck for 7 years!!! I also need help supporting my daughter who has recently found out she is now in charge of a small country in India. Please donate as much as possible to help make this the greatest country it possibly can be. But seriously, vote on my ****. I'm of course joking about everything, I'm just bored. Seriously though, if you don't vote on some of my submissions you are a dick.

  1. Blackflag82's Avatar

    Wait, I'm confused, were you joking about wanting me to vote on your submissions?


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  2. Blackflag82's Avatar

    But seriously, hair in the drain scenes in movies are the worst...

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  3. MyOwnWorstEnemy's Avatar

    Swipe left..... :)

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  4. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by MyOwnWorstEnemy

    Swipe left..... :)

    Back in my day, swiping in *any* direction was bad, and could potentially earn a discussion with her husband LOL!

  5. Sonic7978's Avatar

    okay i will already vote 5 players and comment likes them but not subscribe them so i subscribe you i like to see you good

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