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02-10-2020 at 11:21 PM
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Road tripping I guess?

If you had told me Friday that by Sunday night I would be looking at the Washington/Lincoln Monument I would have said "Yeah! And monkeys are going to come flying out of my butt."

Bring on them monkeys I guess. That pic was all my idea and my fancy new phone. Pretty bad ass if you ask me.

Almost went to Bethesda studios but didn't have enough time. Left Saturday at 7:30 PM, got there Sunday at 2:30 PM. Showered, went to the Gov district and saw everything. Side note for anyone who has never been to DC, how in the **** did people figure out how to get around that place without GPS?! Good God. Round abouts, turn arounds, angled roads, narrow roads...both my old man and I are pretty damn good with our directions and we even got confused.

I never even thought about seeing DC but I'm glad I did. That Lincoln Monument is just massive. If you haven't seen it in person there is nothing I can say to describe it. Just impressive. All those buildings are. In fact, I thought the White House was the least impressive building down there.

Anyway, delivered our order at 8, left for home at 8:30, got just got back. Overall a pretty awesome trip...and it was all free.

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    DC streets always struck me as being like the NYC subways...confusing as hell for the first month, and then you suddenly get this "Ah-Ha" and know them for the rest of your life like the back of your hand...

    Definitely a lot of cool stuff in DC though!

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    I miss DC. I used to take Amtrak from NYC Penn Station to DC Union Station. It's about a 3 hr ride & it's really convenient. The DC Metro does just enough to get you around inside the Beltway. Good food & music as well.

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    I'm glad I saw it at night. Might go back out with him sooner or later for a day trip. It's kind of crazy but he works for one of the largest refrigerator fabricators in the world...and they employ maybe 13 people. Last year my old man went from NYC to College town. Went to a **** ton of sporting events along the way. We tried hitting up am NBA or NHL game but the timing wasn't quite right this trip but seeing the Capital area was good enough.

    All those refrigerator units in Baltix and Publix stores (think that's the correct spelling) all along the east coast, yeah, those are installed by a little tiny ass town in Iowa. The owner a has patent on the replacement parts. So instead of having to remove an entire refrigerator casing, they replace the damaged pieces of the unit. Save those stores a **** load and he makes a **** load.

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