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02-28-2020 at 11:29 PM
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My Xbox plays at the appropriate speed.

Posting this to help ease the minds of the adjudicators about my Xbox and it playing games at the proper speeds. This link will show that the game plays at the correct PAL speed and NTSC speed when played on the proper settings...again, really feel shitty about the Battle Engine Aquila and using the wrong version of the game and apologize.

Using the screenshots below, you will see that the in game clock has just turned over to 167s and the stopwatch is at 1:47.83. The second screenshot is right before it turns over to 106s, meaning a full 60s has passed in the game. The stopwatch is at 2:59.80. Total RTC = 1:11.97s. Multiply that time by .833 (to match the pace of the in game clock) and you end up with 59.951s. Keep in mind I couldn't see the decimals of the in game clock so can't be sure what the exact value is. Hope that helps ease the minds of everyone.

I did the same thing for my NTSC game on NTSC video settings. I let 40s pass on the in game clock, which means the RTC should also have 40s pass. All good here as well. Again, I can't see the decimals on the in game clock and am going off the in game timers clock image changing, so my decimal values aren't quite exact because I lack the technology to do so. I'm assuming there is a a few tenths or hundreds of seconds passing when it turns.

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    Now you just need to prove that a genuine PAL Xbox plays the same. :P

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