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03-21-2020 at 12:53 PM
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JJT needs banned for awhile.

@SincerelyFranny , @JJT_Defender , I think a break needs to be taken here. It's back to the same old stuff. We are trying to help, he just doesn't want to hear it. Now we are mindless drones pushing for our own WR count and we don't care about FFSC. Well, yes and no. You have been around a long time JJT. Some of us don't care what our score looks like, I myself, except for one rare occasion, don't post a score unless it is the top score. That's how I like to do it. I also really don't give a **** about Fast and the Furious Super Cars....yet I'm still trying to help you along with many others. Just not going to do it anymore.

Sorry bro, but it is you who is acting like a child at this point. I really appreciate you adjudicating my scores. I'm afraid the only way for this topic to end is for another ban on the forums. It just doesn't stop, you are now insulting us, you are constantly badger Franny, and you keep creating a new post about every other day asking the same thing, and replying the same way no matter the comments made towards you. Your adjudication posts are again well over a screen and half again. And you got to stop tagging Franny, Jace, and the Admin staff in every post.

So with that, I guess I'm asking for a ban from the forums for @JJT_Defender .

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  1. EVN's Avatar

    Long overdue for the permanent silence stick.

  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i'm not taking sides on this yet, but i will say IF this path is taken remove his ability to like thank as well. for those who remember the last time he was silenced, he chose to go through and spend hours liking/thanking every single post throughout all of tg thereby cluttering our notifications with literally 100s of likes from him making notificatoins unusable
    if he did it before he'll do it again

    side note. he ironically had the nerve to accuse a conspiracy of liking rodrigo's post so that rodrigo would get morel ikes than he has. he didnt seem to realize just how many of rodrigos likes came from his own temper tantrum

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