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03-31-2020 at 08:26 AM
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Horribly slow loading times, if at all

Anybody else experiencing horribly long loading times for the website in all areas? I can't even adjudicate because the page takes so long to load, and then the videos won't play. Checked everything on my end and all other websites/Netflix....everything else works just fine.

@admin staff , @SincerelyFranny , @Jace Hall

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  1. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi thegamer

    please help us with a link to the page where you see the issue .

    It will be great if you can make a small video of the problem

  2. thegamer1185's Avatar

    It's incredibly random. I just did a minute long video showing I couldn't load/reload any page on the wall feed. I had the adjudication page open and I couldn't load up any adjudication page or reload that page. Last night I couldn't get any vzaar video to load even though the page did. This was all about 2 minutes ago. Now it's working just fine.

    It literally won't work at random parts of the day, for random amounts of time, and it self corrects doing random things. The video is just me showing you I click/reload pages and they never load is all it was. Now it works. I guess it's unstable is the appropriate term. Just wanted to inform you. If you want me to upload the video I can, but it's literally just showing pages wouldn't load/reload anywhere. This happened at 11:42, 8 minutes ago. Now it seems to work. Last night it did this at about 2:30 A.M.

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    The post I just made worked that's good. See if this one does.

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