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04-03-2020 at 11:03 AM
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Vzaar video has to be reloaded every time

@admin staff , the vzaar videos never play when I initially open a page. I have to reload the page every time to get the video to play.

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  1. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Pages haven' been loading the last 25 minutes or so. For some reason posts go through but don't update. Voting also seems to go through even though the pages don't load. Just wanted to give you a time frame.

  2. Max's Avatar

    Vzaar videos are not playing at all currently, page reload or not.

  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I still have to reload the page, but at least my video is playing. There have been a few times where I have to reload the reloaded page. Haven't had to reload the reloaded page of a reloaded page yet. So I've got that going for me...which is nice!!

  4. admin staff's Avatar

    hi @thegamer1185 we have updated the code to fetch the Vzaar video on the site.

    On thread pages the videos will load only when you click on the thumbnail. This should eliminate the need to reload the page .

    The pages should load faster now . Please let us know incase you see any difference

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  5. Max's Avatar

    Just tested this posted twitch link, and it plays fine. Vzaar TG vids are still not currently working. @SincerelyFranny

    Updated 04-04-2020 at 07:51 AM by Max
  6. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Videos seem to work every time now, so that's awesome! Still have the page loading issue pop up, it's only happened twice today.

  7. Max's Avatar

    I'm glad it's working for you. It's still not working at all on my end at all.

  8. Jace Hall's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Max

    I'm glad it's working for you. It's still not working at all on my end at all.

    Please try completely clearing your browsers cache and see if that helps....

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