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07-28-2020 at 09:47 PM
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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

I've always appreciated music. I've always really liked Celtic singers voices. They are so pure. Molly Sanden, the voice over singer for Rachel McAdams is incredible. The movie was actually pretty good as well. I had never heard of Eurovision Song Contest until this movie, it's been around since 1956. That's insane!!. I'm sorry American talent shows, Eurovision Song Contest is so much better. That's all I've done since watching the movie tonight was youtube that show and it crushes them all. It's basically a live concert you vote on.

Why has all of Europe not tried broadcasting this show worldwide? It would be the highest rated show on the planet. Case and point, the 2019 Eurovision contest had 189M viewers, almost doubling the Super Bowl. Just insane. Music will someday save this world and all it's problems.

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  1. Mazz1983ita's Avatar

    Italian here: Eurovision Song Contest (or "the Eurovision" as we call it) is a well established thing here in Europe, especially in Scandinavia and eastern countries like ex-Yugoslavia, ex-Czechoslovakia and stuff.

    Basically it was never aired outside Europe because it's broadcasted by an association of the national TVs of each european country, with economic motivations. Needless to say, the "Big Six", the countries who contribute more, are automatically qualified for the final.

    Last year they had Australia as a special guest, with their song and everything (though in the case they had won the contest, they couldn't host it the next year for obvious reasons), because of the huge number of European immigrants, and I think it was a nice experiment.

    I really suggest you to go check the highlights of the last 15 years of the Contest, you will understand lots of jokes and references from the movie that you've probably missed: like the "metal monsters" band and why Will Ferrell runs in a hamster wheel.

  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Search Twin Galaxies for Eurovision and you will find I created a new thread for many years *while watching*. :D

    The panel voting is always a joke. It's mind-boggling that there's less voting about the music and more voting to apease political allies! Greece almost always votes 12 for Cypress and Cypress almost always votes 12 for Greece, for example. :P

  3. Mazz1983ita's Avatar

    It has always been that way. The two groups I mentioned before (Scandinavia and ex-Yugo) are notorious for voting each others, other than the two boyfriends Greece and Cyprus.

    Funny how San Marino never bothers to do this with us, when they give us more than 6 points we consider it a miracle. Considering that any vote to them is wasted (they don't have a big enough location to host the event, and they will end doing it in Italy anyways), I struggle to understand the hostility.

    Maybe it's because we hate each other so much, but that's how continental Europe works I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazz1983ita

    It has always been that way. The two groups I mentioned before (Scandinavia and ex-Yugo) are notorious for voting each others, other than the two boyfriends Greece and Cyprus.

    ... and how Russia won the first time they entered. "Vote for us or we cut off your heating."

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