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08-04-2020 at 09:11 PM
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Accepted TGSAP score with no Twitch video available

I will not say the game, but what happens to a submission like this when the twitch video is linked to but is no longer viewable through Twitch? Is this something done by the user on their Twitch account or is simply removed by Twitch after so long? Is it treated like a youtube video being set to private or deleted?? The score was accepted, multiple comments about it's validity, a break down of the game was done pts/time wise. If someone disputed this score, would it be removed because of no video?

  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    short answer: its treated like any missing/changed evidence
    middle answer: i've stopped disputing such things however since even though jace told us we could and it snot abuse good counter arguments by the community that appeal to my sympathies (and i'm sure many other sympathies) kick in

    long answer:
    TG's rule was evidence must be permanent and transparent. forcing adjudicators to know the future and determine if we believed the evidence would be permenent. part of permanence is unchanging. if twitch keeps the video up but changes the url, thats a change. if the site is no longer free and requires you to pay to view the evidence that is a chanage (yes that example was given) and the score can be removed based on that change in the evidence. so yes totally disputable, i did so with some missile command scores

    Obviously since the evidence still exists, just in a different url, that can feel espeically unfair. to be fair, we cant be sure its the same vidoe, someone could've cheated, removed the video with proof of cheating then got the same score with a video with no proof of cheating and just claim twitch moved it. so there is some rationale for a dispute. however between that being failry unlikely, and truly no fault at all of the submitter (unlike youtube where most of the time its the user getting banned through their own actions or purposely turning the video private) i was convinced to no longer make such dispuates, but anyone else who wants to can

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    Yet ANOTHER reason why I wish (and pushed hard for at that) scores BEFORE the mandatory upload where protected and treated similarly to old TG scores. Not going to start that old debate as to why they should/shouldn't treated as such. This score will more than likely be disputed and removed this winter then because I'm going to beat it, and someone will more than likely look at the score in question for comparison and see the evidence is missing.

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    if your concern is you dont want it disputed but fear someone might, perhaps private reach out to the person so they can resubmit and make it a moot point?

    it'd be pretty sleazy to dispute a score thats currently being resubmitted just cause you can. i mean i'm not saying a resumbission always negates a dispute, for example if people lost cred for corectly rejecting, then the fact a valid sub was later submitted doesnt change that. but if noone lost cred, and the score is being made moot, then i would hope noone would dispute if thats how htey found out

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