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12-17-2020 at 11:28 AM
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Using passwords to unlock things

I've seen it done a few times, some rules allow passwords to be used, some rules don't allow passwords. So I guess I'm asking, if rules don't explicitly say "NO Passwords" can I use passwords to unlock cars/tracks? I've said they should be allowed if it's only function is unlocking things you could normally get by playing the game. Thoughts? FYI, I'm also asking because I'm playing a game that doesn't save anything you unlock. So every time you play you must unlock the cars just to use them which is pretty dumb if you ask me.

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    I should also note that the game uses a password system to resume play, thus further thinking they should be allowed in this particular game.

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    Totally on board with you-

    It's a rewarding grind, on games that force you to unlock cars, I remember that from my 20's, haha, but we aren't going for "rewarding grinds" here, unlocking cars can be a PITA, so if a game allows you to do so, w/o actually affecting gameplay, then I completely think that's "fair", 100%.

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    I agree with my homeboy, Poco. If it doesn't affect gameplay other than having all cars or tracks then why not?

    What about using gamesharks or game genies to unlock them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious

    I agree with my homeboy, Poco. If it doesn't affect gameplay other than having all cars or tracks then why not?

    What about using gamesharks or game genies to unlock them?

    I guess it would depend on the code and what it did. Say for example you used it to start Pokemon Red with a different Pokemon than the normal 3 starting Pokemon, I'd say no. That alters the game in an abnormal way not possible to be done by the game itself. If it's to used to gain access to characters/cars/items that once unlocked normally stay unlocked and can be used at any time in the game, then I would say sure. As long as it doesn't deviate from normal game play and can/can't be done during normal game play, then I'd say it's good.

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    Once upon a time there was a policy of "No passwords or cheat codes" (including third-party tools like Game Genie, et al) and then with the abundance of saved games by the PS1 + era (i.e., started long before that), it was difficult to know from loading a saved game that one might have been used with the exception of a few cases (there was a period well into the PS2 era where any submission using a saved game was treated with suspicion & several internal debates on GT3 A-Spec ironed out much of that attitude). There was an effort to update rules to reflect the history but as with many things man-powered, it runs out of steam.

    So, a few outline cases that are obvious (and some definitely not in reference to the OP):

    - If the rules permit it, certainly.

    - If the rules ban it, definitely not.

    - If the rules state "default rules" or "factory defaults" then no but continued play to unlock in a single session is permitted unless explicitly banned by the rules. However, the continued play to unlock then that makes a difficult reason to support the "default rules" rule but the rule is there. :P

    - If the game supports save games; using save games isn't specifically banned by the rules and the loading of a save game hides the evidence: quite likely and probably already used by runs on the scoreboard.

    - If the code is widely transcribed as being only an unlock code and what the code unlocks can be achieved through normal play: cut back to the "default rules" & it's hard to give a good argument as to "no".

    - All other cases: probably not permitted. More specifics needed.

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