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01-06-2021 at 06:14 PM
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My little hiatus has been a blast

So the holidays have been an absolute blast for me. I haven't played games for any reason other than to just play them, and it's been with the kids. They have really gotten into Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity and Breath of the Wild. My smart as hell daughter plays games a little but not often...that is until you pull out an old strategy guide and she is literally going page by page on Super Mario Odyssey because she absolutely loves to read (I didn't need it, my boy got it from a book fair ....I swear :) ). I get home today from coaching basketball, walk in the door, and instantly get hit in the face with nostalgia from music because one of them out of nowhere was playing Mario Golf for the 64. Childhood memories with my cousins just flowed, haha. It's incredible how the music of a game can remind you of so much. It also made me decide what my next TG game is going to be? Mario Golf.

I also got to thinking of how I used to be with games before finding TG in 2014. I never...ever...competed for anything other than pure domination on a video. I didn't care about the records, high scores, I just played the game to kick the **** out of people or the game itself. So I was competitive as hell, but it was all in good fun. Halo 2, Battlefield 2, and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron where probably my most dominate games of competition. I typically won every match in Halo 2, and if my Kill to Death ratio in Battlefield 2 and TFoC wasn't 18-1 or more, I was pissed. Outside of those 3 games though, I really enjoyed just playing for the fun. When I found TG and started competing for specific times, I realized how good and quickly I would achieve a goal when I wanted to, but I often get "bored" and miss the simple joy of picking a game and beating it. Then picking another game, and beating it.

TG brings out the best in my gaming because I have to be at my best to beat the best, but it really isn't even close to the enjoyment I get from just playing. Don't get me wrong, some records I have really enjoyed getting and have fun doing it, but some of them I am so frustrated/bored/angry when I get them I didn't really enjoy achieving them.

I should have the new basement completed by the end of the month. My step dad and his crew are going to cut in the sewer lines and frame the walls (I could do it, but it would take them half a day compared to me cutting and framing it myself) then I'll do the drywall/electrical/flooring. So I'm really looking forward to that being done. The girls and wife have been quarantined starting this Monday for 10 days so they are all home which is fun. Seriously, it's been fun. They were exposed to someone who tested positive, no one is sick but they don't really have any choice for school or work when the state calls. Life has been good. 2021 is starting off pretty damn well.

I've got a lot of NES submissions I've wanted to do for years but life hasn't cooperated. This year that should be doable. Hope every has a great year this year in gaming and more importantly your lives. Look forward to another year here!!

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    I've was gifted Gran Turismo Sport and Assassins Creed Valhalla over the holiday season. My first instinct was GT Sport & was surprised to find I finished all of the "Driving School" (48 challenges) with Gold in one sitting. It's comparable to the license tests of the older versions of the series & I don't knock them out simply... kinda off putting. I've certainly played it a fair amount since but it just doesn't compare to the amount of hours I've sunk into AC Valhalla already. Very little in the game could be tracked as a separate pursuit & I'm still plodding on happily. If I were to describe it: it's the same damn set of missions repeatedly with no end in sight. Open chest, kill (swarm of) guard(s), do some parkour, locate secret entrance, talk conversations, watch FMV sequence, repeat one or all of those. It's inane & nothing I haven't already experienced in a prior version but I'm still playing many tens of hours in. :D

    Stay safe. :)

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