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03-06-2021 at 05:56 PM
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NTSC to PAL adapters

I was wondering if using adaptors was allowed to play cross region games? Specifically NES/SNES adaptors. There are some PAL games I would like to compete on, there are adaptors that allow this to happen. However, I do not know if they operate at the appropriate game speed. I could buy the entire console and cartridge needed to make this work, but if an adaptor is allowed I'd prefer to just go that route since I know nothing about PAL console parameters and the like. I know my TV's support the video/audio output so I'm not concerned with that, however I do not know if there are any special power/video audio changes I would need to make if I did get a PAL console. Any help would be great. Book marking a few people that I think play multiple region stuff for some help.

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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I see you missed the Sonic 3 submissions from a couple weeks ago. Should answer all your questions.

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  2. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by sdwyer138

    I see you missed the Sonic 3 submissions from a couple weeks ago. Should answer all your questions.

    Do I need to look in the "Accepted" or "Rejected" area. Your answer is pretty much the answer I think I'm looking for.

  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    So I found those submissions, but nobody discussed why an adaptor isn't allowed? He used a PAL console, submitted to a PAL track, used an adaptor that allowed NTSC game to be played on the PAL console. Would the PAL console not run the game at PAL speed? I guess this is why I'm asking. That sounds logical to me that the score would be accepted because he did use a PAL console to play the game.

    The one thing I may not be understanding is that a NTSC Sonic the Hedgehog 3 cartridge literally has game differences than a PAL Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and that is why it was rejected. Not trying to nit pick anything, just trying to understand why the adaptor part was the reason for rejection.

  4. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Sorry Kyle, can't help you. I only play NTSC.

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  5. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Pixe Sukola

    Sorry Kyle, can't help you. I only play NTSC.

    My bad man, thought you had some PAL in there at some point.

  6. starcrytas's Avatar

    The way I play PAL is on my NTSC Wii, which runs PAL at the correct framerate, otherwise, my Mario Party 7 max out times would be different (I think).

    The only converters I've seen been allowed are video converters to play PAL consoles in the USA.

    Example from Don Atreides:

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  7. EVN's Avatar

    The adapters let you play the games but not at the exact same speed. There's about 1% difference in speed.

  8. Tompa's Avatar

    In many PAL games, your character has been sped up in order to match the frame rate speed of NTSC. In Super Mario World PAL you are actually running faster than in NTSC and there are certain tricks you can do that are impossible in NTSC because of it. Another example is PAL A Link to the Past where Link's diagonal movement has been sped up.

    So if you also use a converted that speeds up the frame rate, you'll also get the character speed boosted even further. For such reason, as well as the converter not being 100% accurate, it should be banned in all cases.

  9. Barthax's Avatar

    Specifically for NES & SNES, the CPU in the different regions do not run at the same speed. Playing a game on the opposite region's hardware will not be the same.

  10. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I knew this was a little over my head, tbh, I just don't know much about the adaptors at all.

    Fortunately, tho, you'd be surprised at how cheaply you can get a PAL SNES, I think mine was like 40$, USD, shipped from the UK(ConsolemadUK, they are temporarily shut down at the moment).

    Good Luck!!!

  11. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Thanks everybody!! I figured there was a reason, just didn't know exactly what it was.

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