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04-21-2017 at 06:40 PM
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Final Fantasy 1 Fastest Completion : Questions / Details

I have been reading the rules about
the Completion Run challenge,
for Square's Final Fantasy 1 on the NES
[ ]
And have some questions about which i'll ask anyone who has an opinion / knowledge on the subject.
"No Continues!" : meaning that you can or cannot save
(using the inn, cabin, tent, house) to take a break?

Or simply the concept that you cannot be defeated during the run
("If all 4 party members die, your record is disqualified!")

"The timer begins when you select New Game and hit Start and ends when you lay the final blow on Chaos and thus "Terminate" him. "

I'd like to confirm if this means it is a 'marathon'
or does the DVD recorded timer counts as the official entry?

Can you save, stop the game and return to it after a break?
When recording on DVD : should we record at SP speed to insure quality
of the video (recording time of 2 hours per DVD-R) or lower it to quality
to allow for 10 hours of recording and no break during disc replacement when one is full?

For shorter challenges i understand that ethics of sportsmanship
recommends starting recording on a brand new disc to dispel
any risk of running short on space.

This will impact the composition of the team
i'd try running this challenge with.
Not even sure i will really be up to the challenge
if it's a 100% marathon, but trying to clarify the details of this challenge.

I also have questions relating to the game itself
and the general gaming rules of Twin Galaxies.

In relation to Final Fantasy, and RPGs overall :
what is considered ''leeching'' ?
Grinding for experience in the current zone is fair game,
but does a limit applies in any way?

when you "Terminate" Chaos >>
but does the way we level our characters mean
that leeching should be kept in mind not to get a fault?

Example relating to Final Fantasy 1 :
* is it considered a fault to do dungeons out of order
to upgrade classes early (while never cheating in any way) ?

* is it considered a fault to save and reset the game?
Is pushing the reset button after saving considered a ''continue''
or a ''continue'' would me loading after seing the 4 party members killed?

* is levelling against the high-level enemies around the
Pravoka North-East peninsula considered a fault?
(North East of Pravoka peninsula :
location where you can fight Frost Wolves,
Giants, Zombulls, Ankylos, T-Rex...
before getting the ship or beating the pirates.)

My party constitution would vary depending
on what is considered a fault or leeching so i'll see
what the members of the forum think about these subjects.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Desidious's Avatar
    Pretty sure the whole run has to be recorded and the timer doesn't stop if you take a break. It has to start when the rules states it starts and ends the same way. No continues means if you hit a game over you can't restart.

    I'm assuming, to the best of my knowledge, that rpgs fastest completions have to be marathoned and have to be recorded and can't just go off what your timer says. People have to adjudicate your record so they need to be able to time it themselves.

    Hope I helped a bit. I love rpgs and would love to watch one played out that I've already played as to not ruin spoilers. There was a FFVII run on here during my membership and it took me forever to watch it all but I watched it. Looking forward to your submissions!
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  2. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious
    Pretty sure the whole run has to be recorded and the timer doesn't stop if you take a break. It has to start when the rules states it starts and ends the same way.
    So this means i don't take breaks and can only stop the recording to swap DVD-Rs?
    I cannot record 100% of the time that would be the only manageable way from what i can do. If that is accepted i'd take on the endeavor for the fun of it.
    Did about 7-8 games in the past 4 years of FF1.

    Would like that new challenge (cause i'm not really at the point where doing a 4 x white mage run is my only remaining option to enjoy FF1)
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  3. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar
    Quest is moving forward... getting consistently to the Ice Cave with a level 15-17 team but i've so far ended up dead at the hands of the Rub spell about 5 times. So that's roughly 60 hours i've been working on this challenge.

    From my rough estimation i should end up submitting a time of about 11 hours if i finish the game on par with the rhythm i've gotten up to in the past 4 tries.

    Red Mage / Red Mage / Black Belt / White Mage
    I know it's an unorthodox pick for a speed run, i know there is no hope for my current formation to end up challenging the record in Twin Galaxies. But i know how the game can kick your team's rear in 1 round at any moment with the Randomized Number Generation... still my favorite, but i'm 100% motivated in my endeavor. No shame in my time. Try it to see get a glimpse of what completing FF1 without dying represents :D

    Worth playing or discovering nearly 30 years after its publication.
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  4. Desidious's Avatar
    Playing it without dying is a feat by itself. Start off small then work your way up. :)
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  5. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious
    Playing it without dying is a feat by itself. Start off small then work your way up. :)
    Exactly, i've been tailoring my grinding method to be curtailed to this crazy challenge m/ been doing well, simply not lucky past the 4 hour mark... the RNG seems to build up some hate towards the player when the characters don't die enough to the cartridge's wishes :P
  6. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar
    The Super Long Play settings on the DVD Recorder allow to recorder about 8 hours 7 minutes on 1 dvd, with acceptable quality. Easily viewable in a 720*480 resolution setting. So there is one problem solved for submitting with legitimacy of the score insured.

    i have used my tablet to record the transition time between the moment i stop the recording on the 1st dvd to keep track of the legitimate replacement of the DVD,

    filming the moment i push "stop" until the 2nd blank disc is inserted, ready and recording past the 8 hour mark. will submit the recording of the DVDs (play footage) and the transition/setup videos from the tablet once i get a score (as soon as i end up not dying on a run)
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