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12-13-2019 at 08:50 AM
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TMNT2 The Arcade Game NES : FINAL UPDATE? 868 pts., no continues.

Yet another upgrade... 868 pts.

Killed 1 mouser too much by mistake though, underkilled the Motorcyles by 7-8,
but won't be submitting this one for the farming rule.

Lost a life and a half too much so would have had 2 more lives in optimal conditions,
there is room for amelioration.

FINAL UPDATE : 824 pts, with Raphaël

Died against the Krang boss.

UPDATE 1 : 758 pts with Donatello

TMNT2 The Arcade Game NES

Reached that stage for the first time on Zero continues.
Killed about 30 mousers in the sewer boss fight so if I had optimized I would have a 675 score possibly...
thinking I will probably re-do that run before submitting since I can do better with that 'accepted leeching' and considering the paper tigers took about 1.5 life out of me since I had not fought them in 15 years and had not beaten the Splinter boss fight in previous runs.
Might beat that boss and reach the next stage if I do my best next time.

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  1. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    Current rankings estimate where it would land my score : 6th

    In front of @Derek

    • Rank


      PReviously held by :
      Derek Camin

      Date Submitted: 2018-01-13

      Percent: 73.46%



    see track records at :

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  2. Desidious's Avatar

    I'm not even good at beat em ups but that game brought me and my best friend even closer together. We looked liked pros at that game and I always want to go back to it to get the 1 point we missed to get the perfect tg co-op score. I'm proud of my 1-player score too because it seriously isn't the style of game I usually play but I love TMNT II!

    I even have a boxed copy of this game... just because!

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  3. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious

    I'm proud of my 1-player score too

    You're goddamn right ! Excellent score sir!
    Just got my personnal best minutes ago : 758 pts
    I can improve upon it, but felt great to reach that mark finally.
  4. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    What is the rule for :

    1) hitting the lady on the skateboard,
    do you say :
    a) honor = no hit.
    b) +1 , strike on sight?

    2) The missiles in the sewers : what is allowed 'killing rate' ?

    a) 1 per screen, so 1 on the first screen it appears on right side to left trajectory.
    Then once you scroll to the next window from the top row, you can destroy one coming in from the left to right trajectory...

    b) only one per time the missile enemy appears on a spawn point
    (both left and right screens on which the spawn is linked to being in the middle).

    c) once per spawn in a column.
    There are 3 columns in which the missile can spawn per screen on which they appear.

    If no multiple kill per spawn point allowed :
    what if you hit the missile and a foot soldier at the same time by mistake,
    after having already killed 1 missile per spawn screen? Is it not a non-abusive farming case?

    3) the motorcycle ''mini boss'' is it finally legitimately approved to get 30-50?

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  5. Derek's Avatar

    I do know there’s more than just the Baxter boss that you can leech points, I try not to do it because once someone thinks it’s crossed from pressing to leeching the submission will probably stall out in the que

    @DuggerVideoGames , you know more about than me, what are your thoughts?

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  6. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Derek

    ** I try not to do it because once someone thinks it’s crossed from pressing to leeching ***

    Exactly !
    Most of the time the cost/return ratio of those zones balances up one another,
    so unless it's accepted it is better left alone.
    The mousers once they roam a stage are one of the only enemies not dispatched reliably by the critical strike attack of ( A-lightpush then B-hold)
  7. DuggerVideoGames's Avatar

    Nice score. The scoring rate seems legit to me. I decided to do a little playthrough to have a look-see for myself about the scoring rate.

    You had 656 when you reached the magical shogun ninja (I had 633 at that point). Your score was between 20-30 points higher than mine at the points in your pictures; your claim that you killed 30 mousers during the sewer Baxter battle makes sense and the math adds up. I only killed 8 mousers during that battle; it's pretty much impossible to avoid killing a few because you either hit them with your dropkick when you're trying to hit Baxter, or they bite onto your arm and you get a point when you shake them off.

    I only killed 3 biker soldiers on the highway stage and only destroyed 1 missile per section on the sewer stage (you can destroy as many as 11 per section if you chose to farm). I got the point for swinging at the woman on the skateboard early in the game, for destroying the parking meter at the bottom of the screen on that level, 2 points for destroying the 2 candles on the magical ninja stage. 9 points for destroying all ice guns in the technodrome. Aside from those things, I made a concentrated effort to avoid pressing/farming what you can farm (mousers, biker ninjas, missiles, etc.)

    The scoring rate is legitimate and the math adds up with the claim of killing 30 mousers during the sewer boss battle.

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  8. thegamer1185's Avatar

    I've got the max score for the NES, have a look at it guys. The missiles only spawn so many times in each section, so you can't leech them. I believe when there are 2 players, then there are twice as many missiles. They have an end spawn. The Baxter Stockman fight and the Biker Gang on the highway are the only places you can leech in this game. Everything else has a finalized number to them, so kill away. I'd love to find someone to play Co-op for the maximum number there, but I doubt that will ever happen. Not until my oldest son is about 10 or so would I try that.

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  9. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar
    • So the farming missiles option and optimizing the mousers / bikers would have the
      next taget that rank :
      Guess I'll try and reach the 850s... who knows...



      Player : Benjamin Daniels

      Date Submitted: 2008-05-21

      Percent: 93.17%

      Status: Undisputed

      Points 832

  10. Derek's Avatar

    This was such a great port when it came out; still a fun game to play today 🙂

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  11. DuggerVideoGames's Avatar

    Is there a limit on how many fake Shredders can spawn? My guess would be no; so long as the real Shredder has his helmet on, I think he can keep spawning fake ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DuggerVideoGames

    Nice score. The scoring rate seems legit to me.

    And when I submit I have the whole video of the tries as well , evidently, sould not hope for an ajudication with only a thumbnail. Thanks for commenting !
  13. Derek's Avatar

    I heard there isnt a limit on fake shredder spawns but idk for sure. Also that'd take some skill to keep killing the fake one over and over

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  14. DuggerVideoGames's Avatar

    I turned on an emulator and used save/load states to experiment with the Shredder battle. Surprisingly, it looks like there might actually be a limit on fake Shredders. Every time I do the battle, he seems to stop spawning fake Shredders after you kill 8 of them.

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  15. thegamer1185's Avatar

    There is a total of 9 Shredders. Like I said, only two leech places Baxter and Bikers. If you knock the real Shredders helmet off before all of them spawn they will not spawn after that. That would be fun unlimited Shredders!! Easy, but fun.

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  16. Desidious's Avatar

    Everything Kyle says is true. I've confirmed them all in my runs too.

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  17. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by thegamer1185

    I've got the max score for the NES, have a look at it guys.

    Thanks a lot for those recommendations : you helped me reach 868 pts. !
    Respects, senseï.
  18. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious

    I even have a boxed copy of this game... just because!

    Well, @Desidious , sorry to have to say it sir but I am challenging your score with my current progression... really didn't expect to have to say : "En guarde" cause I really had to gitgud when I started playing this game again...#humbled, you are competent players completing it or close to that : it'S not a piece of cake.
  19. Desidious's Avatar

    Do what you got to do bud. I don't think I'll ever beat it without some serious playing but right now I'm focusing on crashing cars. It's the perfect co-op score I want the most.

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  20. ThroughtonsHeir's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious

    Do what you got to do bud.

    Got an 874 pts. just now with Raphaël ! Thanks for your benediction. Atheist peace 4 all is my moto!
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