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12-08-2020 at 10:38 PM
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SMASH T.V. NES run, 1player 2 controllers : entering the TG top 4 (Update: 5,927,485pts)

NES version
Format : NTSC

Mode : 1 player, 2 controllersmm

[Edit: see comment for updated score]

So currently trying to get myself on the boards with any game I can muster any competitive results...
was working on multiple games you can see noted on my feed, and those are still projects for sumbmissions on my part. But currently trying to get my personnal best score on SMASH T.V. on the NES.

Got a 2.8 million score as a first high score,
then got a 3.3+ million score earlier tonight,
now just got past 5.4 million points and entering the top 5 for the TG boards for that game.
Need to announce the challenge to the concerned players who might get bumped if it is submitted and accepted.
But first, I, will have to confirm for this one might not be accepted since I had to pause and swap DVD-Rs
since I had not realized the space was running out. Got video of the moment it's swapped,
but this is truly a 1AM everything that can go wrong goes wrong problem...
Still , no big loss if not acceptable as a submission since I know I can get a better score.


Death at 05556715 ptsHS : 05556715

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    Will be reaching into the top 3 after this training...
    if I can not messs up!

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