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01-12-2018 at 01:42 PM
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Settle's 2-hour live primetime special series finale starts at 9PM EST FB TG or Settle it on the Screen/twitch.

  1. thegamer1185's Avatar
    Here's that buffer video I was telling you about last night regarding Duck Hunt. Pretty much sums up some of the ridiculous things out there right now for many tracks. I hope you enjoy this last episode and say what you want to say, need to say, and what your plans are afterwards. I hope it's more streaming. You guys are awesome.
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  2. Cyriss_Zeal's Avatar
    After 327 episodes of Settle it on the Screen it was sad and heartbreaking to watch this finale. This was the best part of Twin Galaxies. Real recognition to the community and discussions. Everything hitting close to home with what was important to the community. Why this show wasn't allowed to continue and allowed to grow is beyond me.

    Thanks for everything Glen, Mike, Nick, Mike G., and Josh. Not to mention the countless guests that appeared for us. This show was made with alot of love. Always Ultra Super Live. And I will seriously miss it, straight from the heart.
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  3. Marco1019's Avatar
    Take a bow, gentlemen.

    Like I said on the Twitch feed, we'll see you down the road. (Probably sooner, than later.)
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  4. DadsGlasses's Avatar
    Great show tonight. You guys were great. SIOTS was truly the last thing about Twin Galaxies that I enjoyed. Thanks for the hours and hours of entertainment. You guys rock!
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  5. datagod's Avatar
    Thank you for all the incredible shows, the hard work, the amazing jingles and the sense of community.

    I am honored to bookend the show with my two appearances.

    I love you all, this is a very sad day for Twin Galaxies.
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  6. Barthax's Avatar
    Just found out about it. Watching the final episode. We may not have seen eye to eye on various things but a great thanks for the various shout outs over the years. Onwards & upwards guys: the shackles are off! ;)
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  7. Bishop's Avatar
    Very sad to hear use taken of TG a big step backwards.
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    perhaps if you had of given out TG hoodies to all those ungrateful baby's you would have been still on.
  9. kernzyp's Avatar
    Now TG is just another scoreboard...
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