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03-31-2019 at 02:50 PM
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Pinball Fx 3 players for Settle it on the Screen this wednesday last call!

King of Pins returns April 3rd 10pm EDT on Settle it on the Screen. If you like to be a contestant please send me a message. We will be playing Pinball FX 3 on PS4/PC/MAC/XBOX Uno, etc. Which is a free game and has two free tables. There will be a amazon gift card winner, and maybe a random winner. ( depends on twitch subs this month :) ) To participate you must be able to stream your gameplay live during the broadcast at 10PM EST on April 3rd. Also please be able to join a discord audio server with myself and other competitors, Not 100% necessary but would be nice.

If you like to be a contestant please send me a message with, Last call!!

1. with your steam address link, (ex twitch handle/ youtube)

2. your Pinball Fx 3 username.

3. Pinball tables you currently own in FX3, or don't own. Whatever list is shorter.

4. Discord username.

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